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This is a follow-up from my earlier post titled ‘Mother-in-law = Woman hitler’. Several women friends have asked where to get the book.

It is available online. You can read excerpts of the book too. But then, trust me, just buy. It is only RM18 (and maybe some postage involve).

Men – Get it for yourself. Read it and learn what NOT to say to your wife. I guarantee that you will need to sleep less on the sofa in the living room. Your wife’s heart is going to melt when she sees you trying to ‘learn’ to deal with two women in your life. Be a filial son, learn how to avoid hurting mom unintentionally. After that, charm the missus to read it too.

Ladies – Grab a copy and know what to expect when you commit your life to a man. The book will give you some insights on how to avoid the hellish first few years should your personality clashed with the MIL. Most times, your mom and your MIL have two different personalities. It is a big cultural shock if you can’t adjust. If you are getting along fine with the MIL, also read ‘cos who knows you will become better DIL?

Go to Fishtail’s blog, check the right panel. He has written other books beside this ‘Mother-in-law Daughter-in-law‘ like ‘Looking after mother‘.

These books are written from our Asian’s perspective and are sensitive to our quirky ways. For e.g. MIL and maid conflicting roles, our children upbringing etc.

5 thoughts on “The books

  1. Had thought of writing one myself (about mothers-in-law) and then I saw the book (you mentioned above) at Popular and said to myself – aiyah, someone beat me to it already! LOL!

  2. eh lilian,do u realise that ur going to be a mother in law to 4 women in the future? ahaks.=p

    actually most of the MIL are easy to layan.You bring them out for dinners once a week,then maybe drive them to the shopping must pandai bodek la..pandai “cho lang” (be a person,or smth lidat)

    and never ever get into arguments with them.

    but if u actually live with them,then its a diff story di.hahaha.

  3. RB – Ya, Simon reminded me the other day. Scary…I am going to be a mother-in-law from hell.

    bkworm – Not really. Warren was a marriage counsellor and he is a man. So, his views may differ from a woman. Go on, give it a try. I beat gong for you to sell them.

    Joe – Oi, only RM18 la. So kiamsiap, want refund somemore.

  4. Yeh, I completely agreed with you, Lilian.

    I bought the book and read it earlier oredi.

    It sure is a very useful and informative book for the present and future MILs, DILs, SILs & FILs toooo…..

    Everybody also can learn something from it, be they gals or guys.

    And it costs only RM18 !!

    Support the local author too lar. You can see his handsome face at the back of the book.


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