Want to know why men and women are so different?

Something occured to me last night after I penned the earlier post about romance novels.

Girls read romance novels where the guys have to go to great length to woo the girls. They read books about feelings, all the subtle hints and body languages.

But what do boys read? Wham, bang, thank you ma’am! I know of a certain friend who have loads of Swedish books at home. (20 years ago, ok?) It is the same old story. Swedish maid, Swedish maid, Swedish maid. Description of the curves and colours and that’s it.

No wonder we are continually plague with boy/girl problems. They grew up on a different wavelength.

Even today, in the era of Nickleodeon and Disney channels, kids still grow up on a different diet depending on their gender. Only the nerdy guys mix around with the girls. See That’s so Raven, Lizzie McGuire and shows like that.

Tip for getting girls? Guys, read romance novels (even if you feel like puking) and look nerdy.

18 thoughts on “Want to know why men and women are so different?

  1. Pssst…anyone can tell me who is Lucy Liu? What time is her programme? I never listen to the radio. She left a comment in my food blog.

  2. eh, gordon in lizzie mcGuire is cool, alright? Maybe not as cool as batman, but guys like him will grow up to be lonely bloggers… er…

  3. uh the lucy liu i know is an actress.in charlie’s angelsss.

    but i dont know the lucy who left a comment in ur blog.prob a dj with light n easy? or maybe a staff there.

    eh btw,the comment u made in my latest post,i censored the you-know-what-words ah.sorry i very mata duitan.=p i never know MT can edit comments wan.so dangerous.ish ish

  4. rb – HAHAHA, you have my blessings. I think Google pick up the words in the comment board too la. Earlier I saw got adverts but after a few x rated comment, I kena PSAs again.

    Yalor, I wonder who lor. I know the actress la. But that one the email at light.com.my.

    Simon – Lonely blogger who churns out great blog still get the chicks, I hope.

  5. RB – You mean you never censor comments before? Aiyah, damn shiok wan. My sifu taught me. If people give bad comments, I changed it to compliments. Then, the fler won’t dare to come to my site again. Hahaha. Very powderful wan.

  6. Lucy Liu ah? I really don’t know wor. I traced her for one whole hour on the Light and Easy website also didn’t see her name appears. Who knows your Penang Faces will be promoted on the Light and Easy leh? Why don’t you mail her? Or trace her IP lah.

    Hmm… Is your son kau-lui by reading those romance book ah? If lidat hor, I have to tampal those pages back to read the whole book lah.

  7. Aunty Lilian ah,

    Lucy Liu (if its the same one) is a part-time DJ with Light & Easy. I dont know if she still is now.

  8. i have always wondered why in the world my wife liked to read and reread “Gone With the Wind”…& watch the movie too ergh.. i guess i now have to look into these things!

  9. Not much different leh.. Now a day, literacture man and woman who read mandarin will read Mr Jing Yong Kungfu hero love story (except Ah Beng Ah Lian that don’t read books). And the scary part is, the girl like to ask, “will you wait me for 13 years like Hero YangGua..” gulps!.

  10. moo_t – You are right. I know the Mandarin ones are 10 times worse. Failed love, commit suicide. That kinda story, right?

    Sue – heheheh

    Dr. Love aka PPS Blog of the year finalist – I am soooo impressed. Global recognition, you have there. Speechless. When I am 80 and looking for a new life partner, I go find you ok? You got it wrong liao. I actually encourage people to share links, dropping URL because that is what blogging is all about. Great minds put together?

    Israd – Whoa, you must learn to speak with a drawl, keep moustache and wear a hat. Hahaha, thanks for dropping by.

  11. Auntie Lilian ah, where got commit suicide? The girls usually wait for the boys until die lah.

    But I think Chinese got the most ‘perseption’ about the funny ‘love love’ thing. Anyway, have to learn some tips from them also.

  12. Aiyar… you get me wrong, Jing Yong wrote nice story, not boring sleepy aceh-achoh love story.

    You can read more about JingYong here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jinyong

    Girls love to use the lover example in “The Return of the Condor Heroes”. The girl sacrify for the hero. In his “Smiling proud wanderer”, Jing Yong wrote power corruption. A lots of famous Hong Kong Chinese Kungfu love movie is base on his story.

  13. kahakah, moo_t, I dunno mandarin so i thot all chinese novels and taiwan movies are the same mah. Condor Heroes, issit? Oklah, I saw that on TVB.

    Mr Kiasi – wait until die also same like suicide la, lagi teruk wan

  14. hmm…i always thought girls always fall for the ‘cool’ guys…guys in a band, guys with 21 earings on one ear, etc.
    in my place, if a girl finds out that a guy reads romance novels sure kena ban wan.

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