A new lense and 512MB SD card.

Phew….after more than a month. It has been a long wait. I finally got my Konica-Minolta DiMage Z3 back. It returned with a new lense which would have cost RM440 if not for the warranty.

Now I can snap anything with the 512 SD card. My 256 MB card is still missing. Wonder if my toddler has ate it?


What I like about this camera is the Anti-shake mechanism and its super macro mode.


Old blog about the camera available here.

Canon has a new model Canon Powershot S2 IS which also comes with image stabiliser. Very useful feature if you use the camera for candid shots of endearing moments of your baby. Price listed RM2,199.
(My Konica is RM1,680.)

I am obsessed with taking photographs! Help!

11 thoughts on “A new lense and 512MB SD card.

  1. Kehkehkeh, fishtail, this is my only indulgence. I don’t go spa, facial, hair saloon, slimming centre, boutiques…..

  2. Congrats.

    Since the camera still under warranty, I suggest you shoot as much as possible, before your KKC falls to the darkside(tm).

    Take your time and read Ken Rockwell “DIGITAL OBSOLESCENCE: FutureTrash®”

    Just a warning : Avoid repairing the camera when the camera warranty void. I did a mistake forking out money repairing my previous camera : enough for me to get another camera. Bare in mind that there is no extended warranty option available locally. If you camera broke after warranty, look for a new one.

  3. Joe – If digital only 2. If film based, I think 5.

    Mrs T – I also wonder if you go around the house wearing your camera on the neck. LOL Like me, it is within reach all the time.

    moo_t : Thanks for the links. Very good read. I will keep in mind, snap 9,999 photos like you.

  4. canon S2 cost only sgd860 here.
    thats about rm1950. but i’m using a pana fz5,
    only cost sgd660. btw, are hispeed sd cards expensive in penang? i’ll be back for a holiday next wk.

  5. babe_kl – For sure. I just came back all sweaty, catching spider web, squirrel and a cow (which my son said – Goat!) Hahaha, we need to go out more often.

    David – I bought RiDATA SD card Pro 512MB at RM260. Lifetime warranty. It says on the box:
    Ultra-fast write-to-card performance
    Low power consumption
    Patented cprm data encryption function (dunno what is that, hahahaha)

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