After Batman, now BALDMAN

A few months ago, before I started blogging, I met this annoying woman in her 50s wearing clothes that I termed ‘miang keladi’. She had this long, fluffy hair that doesn’t match the age. She and her husband were accompanying their daughter to see the dermatologist. I was waiting with my kid to see the paediatrician.

When a person is waiting in queue for too long, the mind starts roaming and then, start b*tch*ng. Can’t help it, everyone of us do that, right?


Miang keladi aka MK stood up and went to look at a poster on hair loss hanging outside the dermatologist clinic.

MK : Darling ah, why not you try this? It says just apply the solution. Afterwards, remember to ask doctor ha.

Poor embarassed hubby of MK is not exactly bald. There is nothing wrong with his looks except that he looks a little henpecked.

Months later, I bumped into MK and poor henpecked hubby at the supermarket. Still as henpecked.

What is wrong with being bald? I find bald men who openly accept their lack of hair due to age suave, full of charisma and it added an extra statement that he is confident, with or without hair.

What I can’t stand is men who keep whatever left-over hair long and try to comb them to cover the bald patch. Eeewss….When the wind blows, then he got to re-arrange them.

But the most icky of all are those rich p*********s (guess who) with bad wigs. Why do they spend money on semi value wigs when they can confidently go bald? Can wigs caused heat stroke and char the brain dry?

Heheheheh, I just enjoy putting up pics of these hairy monsters my kids bought from Cameron Highlands. Cost : 4 big and 1 small monsters – RM10 (though it is suppose to go for RM10 for 3). So, some bald men are harmed in the making of this blog.


Errr….any bald, matured blogger reading this? Bald is sexy, right?

10 thoughts on “After Batman, now BALDMAN

  1. OMG I want those cute hairy dolls. And yes, bald is sexy. WIth men, its either a full head of hair signifying their fertility, or none at all (to signify their maturity) Never ever go for the “alang-alang” (not here not there) look.
    On the “miang keladi”, well, looks like the 60s lala-mui grew up into a lala-aunty, that’s why her sense of style looks out of place. I had a friend who used to tell her mom off for wearing mini-skirts, killer stilletos and spaghetti strap tops to pick her up from school.
    “Mommy, can you dress more like a mother? Puulllleeez put more clothes on. Johnny’s father is literally drooling at you leh. SO embarrassing!”
    I wonder how her mom felt, šŸ˜›

  2. miracle8 – Hahaha, I know what kind of moms you are referring to. I live next to my sons’ primary school. I do wonder who those hot mamas try to seduce. Goodness, there are only teachers and one single headmaster. What for la waste so much time and money to spruce up and hang around ALL day at the school? My church priest is young, Indian (meaning dark & handsome la), tall, speaks Mandarin and BALD. Whoa! Oops.

    S-Kay : But hor, not every man can carry off that charisma. Silap-silap, end up like monks pulak. kehkehkeh

    ish wonder why no bald man come to comment. Maybe no bald men around or they don’t admit?

  3. Donald trump is rich and look at the ghastly rug he’s got on. Some bald men are sexy but those weirdos with the comb-over..puhleez cut them off. Everybody knows you’re trying to strateh those few hairs.

  4. Romantic – Hahaha, Donald Trump will still attract chicks even if he has one three strand of hairs, like the ai tong kua of lao foo tze (the chinese comic?). I do wonder why some of the middle age men who have grown up kids, pot belly, all sweaty still insist to cover their bald patch. C’mon! Who are they trying to appear attractive to? I mean, couldn’t he age gracefully with the wife? Ooo, I am so bad.

    Mr kiasi – yeah, he use something. I see it as bad wig but James aid hair weaving wor. Hair weaving very expensive, you know?

    RB – Shiny until can see your reflections? kehkehkeh

    h.liew – At least this is 4 for 10 bucks. Last time, I bought one fro my son from those Moose toys. Wahlau, RM14 per piece, I think. They look very cute now.

    James – How you know? You are his personal trainer/grooming guru ah? Hahaha. I see it as very bad wig. It is not natural at all.

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