Let’s talk about Batman instead

I want to be the first few to talk about Batman movie. Gee, I don’t even pay attention to the details like when is the movie coming out, who is the main star now, whether he is driving the same Batmobile, who is playing Catwoman (she is part of Batman movie, no?). I only remember the Michael Keaton and Uma Thurman one. Because of Michael Keaton’s square jaw which is very macho.

So, to find something to write when I have nothing to write, I shall leave this photo of my son’s latest t-shirt. A Batman (errr…do I spell with a capital B?) t-shirt that costs RM33. Lycra-like material (something like a swimming costume but very cooling), Made-In-Thailand. (Simon, want me to poslaju one for you? RM100/pc)


If you have been following my blog, you may notice that this son of mine only wear his The Incredibles t-shirt in almost every photo. He wear the same shirt almost daily. So, I hope Batman will get some of his attention.

Anyway, don’t remind me when the movie is out. I am not interested in Batman but The Fantastic, or is it Fabulous Four? Whateverla. If you want real Batman feeds, just go to Simon’s blog daily. He is a fan of Keluangman (ewwwsss).

Movie review in Bahasa Malaysia.

6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Batman instead

  1. And also no need to tell me that this is not the original merchandise. It doesn’t matter to an 8 yrs old and his equally blur mother.

  2. I like Val Kilmer all the time. I even got his photo on my Geografi book when I was in Form Four. Before he was very famous. He starred in one comedy about WWII and Hitler or something like that too.

  3. Batman is Orang Kelawar ler… Keluang Man is a different cartoon altogether, some cheap local production…

    RM100/- per piece?! Cheong Lui aa? Sat sei yan ar!!

  4. Hahaha, go with the flow mah. Latest thing is Batman so mah blog lor. Nothing to blog also must blog.

    Simon – Hahaha, ardent fans must not talk about cost mah, so I thought can ‘tiok lobak putih’. Hahaha

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