Lady of leisure

Thank God I am not a lady of leisure.

Otherwise, I would have to stand, looking pretty and powder-ful, staring at a dumb looking steel object and pretend it is a work of art. (Probably only Penangites know what I am talking about.) Imagine a huge kkc that has rings from the base to the tip, all made from stainless steel?

I can stumble out of bed at 11 am, trudge around in my batik nightdress, minus contact lense and b*tch about the rich and famous.

Thank God for the life I lead. Now, what do I want for breakfast? Maggi, Cintan or Indomie? And that’s probably the hardest decision I have to make for the day.

Are you thankful for the life you lead?

8 thoughts on “Lady of leisure

  1. Oh I forgot, while you’re having your Instant mee, you are making some money from your key word “contact lenses”. Hahaha.

  2. Eh…how come I got prob putting my AdSense on wan. HpmH….

    Btw, Indomie eat with homemade sambal belacan tambah mata kerbau satu…fuh..let the yolk meleleh all over the mee then eat…syiok mannnn =P

  3. Arggh….cannot make up mind, spare my little brain from making so many tough decisions. Hahaha. I made tuna lasagna instead. Yum…

  4. I WISH I was a lady of leisure… Wake up at 10am, potter around in my beautiful sprawling
    and wild garden (unsculptured) muck around with Nigella Lawson’s recipes in a nice well equipped kitchen like hers, have a cuppa and cake I baked with my frens in a lovely courtyard with ugly Boxer doggies running around… a nice bathroom where I can soak in relaxation , and in the evening dine al fresco on the patio, finish with
    great coffee watching the fish and frogs in the pond, smelling my mint, jasmine and tuber roses… Aaah… life would be sooo. good.
    There’s nothing at all good or leisurely about the hectic and pointless salon/boutique/facial/go-out-to-be-seen and keeping-up-with-the-datins silly routines of socialites.

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