a) Congrats, Jeff Ooi b) Vote c) Cow

Hear this! I got an email.

16 June 2005

You voted for our Freeedom blog awards. Here are the results (also available at : www.internet.rsf.org).
Thanks for your support.
Julien Pain
Internet Freedom desk


Country: Malaysia
Language: English
An extremely popular blog that takes an independent approach to Malaysian politics and society. Its editor, Jeff Ooi…..

Hello…..Mr Jeff Ooi, I voted for you, you know? Congratulations! We, the Malaysian bloggers are proud of you.

OK, enough invisible shoe polishing. Next topic..


Now, did any one of you missed out voting at PPS? Remember to vote, you know? Last day liao. Next topic….


OK, this blog has three unrelated topics.

Last one. I took my two younger kids to the Botanical Gardens. Got some nice shots at my other blog. On the way back, my #3 son said,

“Mommy, look! Cow, or is it goat, ei how come got hump like camel and the face like rabbit one? Cow ah?”


Earlier, the toddler saw a squirrel and said,
“Mama, look! Rat!”

Oh well, I must take my children out more often to see the real world instead of Animal Planet and National Geographic. So, will be busy-busy on Friday.

9 thoughts on “a) Congrats, Jeff Ooi b) Vote c) Cow

  1. I’ve been to the botanical gardens so many times but never spotted this cow. Hmm, must have been distracted by the ‘flowers’, hehe.

  2. heh lillian. think i cannot tahan oledi lar. what exactly is project petaling street??? don’t understand the website. pls enlighten me.

  3. Lynee – hahaha, that cow is fat ‘cos it is used for some temple ceremonies etc.

    Vagus – PPS is like our Malaysian (whether in Msia or staying abroad) bloggers watering hole. Our latest blog entries are ping (listed) in the ‘directory’ there. So with just one click, we get to see who has updated their blogs etc. Like a community. You can check it out here : http://petalingstreet.org/

    S-kay – Ya my son also said the neck like a turkey.

    fishtail – This cow is one of which (or is it who?) pull the Hindu temple chariot etc during ceremonies, I think.

    Ray – Thank you.

    Mr Kiasu – Like that fail exam la.

  4. got hump like camel and the face like rabbit one?

    eh soli hor the last time i see cow do not humps like a camel !!!! KAKAKAKA

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