If you are female and don’t have long hair…

…then, you are gone case. Why?

‘Cos Doc said so.

‘Cos Hustler said so.

‘Cos Peter Tan said so.

*shoo, shoo* Blog less, grow hairs.

But, but, but why must have long hairs?

5xmom doesn’t have the faintest idea. Long hairs:

1) need more shampoo
2) takes longer to dry so can’t sleep right after hair washing
3) can accidentally dipped into the roti canai curry
4) expensive to rebonding (better spend time re-bonding with a human?)
5) a danger when on the road as hairs can block the vision if the boyfriend has a sporty car with no top (forgot the name lah)
6) a danger when on the LRT as hairs may ‘khiap’ on the door
7) can be wrongly used as a rein
8) looks Ah-Lian-ish
9) is Ah-Lian-ish
10) preferred by all Ah-Lians

Lucky I am outta the race (to khau leng-chai). Phew…otherwise, where got time to blog when I have to spend time checking if every strand of the hairs has split ends.

24 thoughts on “If you are female and don’t have long hair…

  1. what is it wif men & women wif long hair?? i used to have long hair, then cut it short coz i had to go for an army module n was afraid that my long hair’ll take eons to dry out after spending some time rolling around in mud…

    i like having long hair. i like having short hair, too. in the end, it’s just hair, kan?

  2. lol.my hair arent long,around shoulder length.

    i dun have long hair coz i malas. =p
    malas to wash n blow n stuff.

  3. i read Dr Liew’s blog on long hair b4 i cut my hair short. Despite on the long blog, i dun have a bf when i’m long hair for few years and my short hair now is so much easier to take care of :ƃĀ¾

  4. Hey, but I keep long hair because I can’t afford a hair cut in KL šŸ™ They’re so expensive, unlike the RM15 cut I can get in Sg Dua..

  5. they’re called convertable cars…the one where you can take the top down.

    Long hair? haiya…very hotlah..and like u said, use so much shampoo.

    long hair anywhere else other than on top of head? Wooo…org tua2 kata nanti pontianak suka bergayut!!

  6. My sweetheart oohh, got long. Looks veli d pretty. Short hair also ok, to me, she still look pretty. Everything abt her is pretty. No matter wat, in my heart, she still veli d pretty. Anyone vomit aft hearing tis ah?

  7. Aiks! I didn’t say women without long hair are gone case wor. Mine are long because I am too lazy to go to the hair salon every month. I reckon I have saved over RM700 since I stopped getting them trimmed over 3 years ago but I don’t know how much I have spent on shampoo… certainly not as much as the money I have saved.

  8. What is it with men and loong hair anyway? My ex forbade me to have short hair. Sighh… if only they were willing to foot the bills for treatment, rebonding, and shampoo…

  9. Long hair means you don’t have to go to the saloon monthly to have it trimmed.

    Can use it to tickle your children.

    Can use it for kungfu fighting.

    can pretend to be Cousin It (From the Addams Family).

  10. Here’s my 5 cents worth…
    1) Yes need more shampoo
    2) got hairdryer
    3) Tie my hair up when eating
    4) Natural straight.. no need rebonding
    5) Tie up hair
    6) Walk faster
    7) Heigh Ho Silver!
    8) Don’t dye ahlian colour
    9) Don’t dress ahlian-ish
    10)I thought ahlian like short, funky, 56 colours hair?

    Honestly… I agree with all of Lilian’s points except for the ahlian bit. But I still love long hair. No hassle, no need styling but high mainainence especially my floor, a lot of stray hairs hahaha.

  11. I have the same prob Juan has. Cannot cut short you know!!! He summore threaten me to cut botak if I cut short. Ceh. So when I dun like the hairstyle, I would say “I cut my hair short only you know”

    LOL..but he did say ler…if older adi…shorter hair is SEXY..but when still young, belum kahwin and all or no anak yet…long is SEXY..apani..MEN! Mcm mcm!

  12. FOLKS – This is actually my exorcism blog. I am trying to ‘wash’ the evil Peter’s meme. But all these long hair ghosts are spreading. Argggh…now I dare not surf blog at 3am in the morning liao.

  13. ya lor, who knows suddenly a pair of hands touches your shoulder at 3am sharp. But then again, it might be ur lou kong saying ‘honey, i want’. šŸ˜€

  14. wooohooo… long hair more versatile leh… imagine bad hair day. if short hair means no hiding bad hair day (unless wear hat). if long hair, can still save the day by tying up the hair or doing some styling with accessories.

    i love my long hair šŸ˜€

  15. My nanny used to tell us, the long hair also used to clean after the use of Bathroom…muahahahah

  16. Aiyah, Lilian ah, I’ve been having long hair since my flying days until now, even when I was going thru confinement month after delivering the two kids, I didn’t cut my hair. Longest was, touching my hip.

    I tell you one secret, long hair is very handy wor, when your husband never listen to you when in bed, you ‘whip’ him lah!!! If I cut, gone-lah, my weapon!

    Yvonne Lee

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