Scouts….. (and Batman)

Until I have seen with my own eyes, I thought my helper and my kids bluffed me. They told me that some boy scouts from secondary schools go to camp, bringing their pillows and at night, they changed into pyjamas.

Chung Ling High School scouts did that. Some mothers even go to the Coronation Camp near Botanical Gardens to bring meals for their kids. Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Take the kids out to return home to catch Wah Lai Toi TVB dramas then back to camp. Can you believe that?

Yeap it is true! What is going to happen to these boys, huh?

Anyway, my two older sons had gone for a 3-day camp. Their instruction – Don’t you dare to come and visit us!

What did my kids bring to camp? A 1,000W (or volt, tak tau lah) generator, 5 litres of petrol, 10 katis of charcoal, 2 cans of Ridsect, one ladder, 4 canister of cooking gas, gas stove and a huge parang. All in my Naza Ria. Chewah, aren’t we cool and BOMBastic?


After all the driving around town to buy charcoal and cooking gas, I got real thirsty. Got a nice, big cup of cool Slurpee from 7-Eleven at RM2.90 which comes in this Batman cup. And there is Mirinda Batman flavour?


Thank God I did not go KABOOM with those stuffs. And btw God, please keep my kids safe from mozzie bites and scratches.

(Due to the recent death on Penang Hill, where a guy got lost and died in a kneeling stance, the scouts from St. Xavier Instituition no longer go nite hikes. Last year, my older son went hiking at 12 midnight in Penang Hill. This year? My son told me ‘Siao ah, who dares to go up Penang Hill at night somemore?)

To those moms who mollycoddle their boys like that? I have one advice. Nothing and no one can keep our kids safe. Even a single insect bite can cause death. So, live and let live. Let go, let them stumble and rely on God to keep them safe. Amen.

15 thoughts on “Scouts….. (and Batman)

  1. Forgot to mention – Simon, the photo is for you. You want a huge copy, 2,240 pixel at 1.82MB, just tell me. I can mail you and you can download slowly with your dial-up. Or cheaper, go buy yourself a Slurpee. Tip – Get the yellow colour and not the purple ones. It is too sweet.

  2. The defination of “Scout” have to change according to time, technology and well, their parents as well for being over protective with their kids. If so “bou bui”, better dun join scout.

    Hmm, in my camp, there will be one generator for the whole camp site ler, not per group. Gas stove? Lagi dun have ler, have to sendiri make api and cook.

  3. Thats not the worst thing yet. I have seen scouts using drain grills as barbeque where you rest your stuffs on.

    These children are pampered, real bad. I guess thanks to the hoo haa during the first National Service thing.

  4. wah! last time when I camp as scouts, where got generator one? but… we also started to get spoilt liao… we din camp outside, all of us at nite, masuk dewan besar where we had our perhimpunan to sleep, with fans blowing at top speed. 😛

  5. Woahhh, now not even staying at home is safe u know? Earthquake la, army jet crashed on housing area la, etc. When u gotta u, u gotta go la.

  6. Wah, got generator some more ah ? maybe should come out with another term and not call it camping anymore.

  7. I used to tell my parents not to visit me in school, camps, or during my stage-performances in any event organised by my shool, too. I won’t be ‘squeezing’ enough out of the camp if my parents visited me. Might as well screw that camp completely, if can go back so many times in a day.

  8. This brings back fond memories of my youth days as a girl’s Scout, Red Cross and Pathfinders. I remember one particular camp… mother would drop by everyday to monitor her daughter to make sure she ‘stays’ out of the sun so she won’t get ‘dark’……LOL…:):):) That was hilarious….so we have to scan the parking lot for ‘the’ mom if we want the daughter to come out of the shade to play with us….:):):)

    I admit my ‘loving, generous’ father did come by a couple of times to refill my empty pocket with $$$ for snacks at nearby stalls ….:):):)…..very sweet memories.

  9. Wah scouts nowadays very canggihlah. During my time, when I was in girl guides, whenever we had joint camps, its always the scouts that make the fire, and get mosqto bites so that we can sleep properly….so much memories…hhheee

  10. But very hard to say also, if i were to sent my kids to camping, i will make sure they have everything and they are definitely safe.

  11. I know of some who ‘camp’ on their own gardens, with their parents bringing in their meals. First time I hear about mums bringing their ‘camping’ kids back to watch Wah Lai Toi, haha. Defeats the whole purpose of going to camp.

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