I don’t know why people complained about the cold. I wish I can trade places with them. I wish I stay in a country that has temperature below 24 deg. celcius all year round. Sometimes, I hate being born here. In a tropical country, a small island name Penang, surrounded by the seas in peaceful Malaysia.

I envy those bloggers who are Malaysians who stay abroad. On a hot day when I read people complaints about cold weather, I want to flame them. Oh yeah? If you are cold, you can add on more clothes. I am hot but I cannot take off any more of my clothes!!!!

So hot. So hot that I have no desire. To blog, that is.

A whole morning spent eating, sweating, shopping, sweating, visit my sis, sweating, driving, sweating, eating, sweating and finally back home, sweating.

Strip, bath, put on a sarong and nothing else (aha…this part I love about being Malaysian), turned on the air-con and sleep. Sleep, I love. Especially when it is 34 deg celcius out there and 17 deg in the room.

(how do I type a small, little floating o as in degree?)

No, the weather isn’t hot anymore.

Have a nice weekend to all!

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  1. I’m dying in this heat!

    Type & deg; (without the space) for the degree sign


  2. Its also veli hot in KL leh. So hor today I hide indoors wor,only went out in the evening to shoot some pics…:)

  3. Yup, not to mention it’s been this way for the past week, and the sun rises in my room… arrgh. I’m forced to wake up at 7 because of the heat from the morning sun.

  4. But it’s not nice when the cold air stings your face, your fingers are so cold that it starts to hurt and your face is frozen till you can’t talk properly. Happens no matter how many layers i wear.
    That’s winter in UK. I don’t mind trading places. Am not a winter fan.

  5. hey come on, cold really is not good. When it’s hot you can still shower or turn on the fan, but when it’s cold, damnit, ur skin dries up, ur fingers feel damn cold, your body shivers and you don’t feel like doing any damn thing except lying under your blankets or standing in front of a heater.

    now, imagine all the coldness and when you get to work/school at 7am or 8am, it’s damn fucking cold! and all the jumpers/jackets you need to wear, and when you get to office, it’s hot, take em off.

    even if its only 5-9C at it’s coldest here in Brisbane, it totally sucks. summer is good. good air, good oxygen, good sweat, good sports.

    come on, be grateful of the weather in Malaysia!!

    yeah babes, enj0i!!!

  6. You are so right about “so much you can peel off” Toronto was over 37C (46C with the humidex) IT was HOT!!!!! LOL All of a sudden everyone wants to come and visit us ( more likely our pool ) hehehe

  7. You’re right. Malaysia’s freaking hot. And some of the lecture halls in MMU have no air conditioning! The air cons have broken down so we had to endure the stuffiness.

    Aih. Thank God I didn’t pengsan in class.

  8. Everywhere’s got its pros and cons. When in Malaysia, I yearn for the cool weather of the UK. But in the depths of the UK winter, when my digits feel like dropping off from the cold, I wish desperately I were back in Malaysia!

  9. sorry bout the post ;p
    i know i really irritated u but anyway
    //peace offering – let u pull my ears until turn red when i go to penang next year ;p

  10. sorry bout the post yea ><”
    but i guess you are right. u might like the cold better than me ;p

    after 3 winter’s i’ve learn to appreciate msian heat even though i have nose bleeds every morning ;p

  11. Being abroad doesn’t automatically mean cold weather.

    I’m in UK now, 30°C, no air con, no fan.

    At least in hot weather you don’t really risk dying of hypothermia when walking home at night.

  12. Hey guess what~ You can always hide in a refrigerator if you’re hot. ^_^ And we can always hide in a heater, woohooo~ Wait a sec, guess not.

    And I want to complain about the cold again~~~~ Wohoo.

  13. Wait ’til you experience 10 out of 12 months where you don’t see the sun, then only you’ll know what cold is like. Over here, in the winter it gets to -25C

    That’s cold for you.

  14. Good thing abt malaysia is, only 1 weather.. no worries abt 4 seasons. Gosh, living in 4 seasons country..u got to buy 4 seasons of clothing, darn! where to have so many place to put so many clothings?
    when is is extremely cold..when is extremely humid! haahhaa..
    like u said, in malaysia.. can put on sarong and enjoy the aircond lor! hehehehe 😉

  15. auntie lilian,

    KL is very hot nowadays… but i dunnoe bout it, until 2day i stay at home whole day, only i knew it..

    cos from monday morning until saturday evening, most of the afternoon time im in the classroom or CIT wif air cond that make me freezing..

    now, stay at home(sunday mah!!) feel very hot.. n luckliy my house is flat, n not as hot as those terrance house… thx GOD!!

  16. I so hate it hot. You can practically feel your pores opening and oozing oil when you get out of you car in those dank and smelly basement car parks. When just as soon as you finis your shower you start perspiring again. I now only take cold showers.
    I so hate it cold when your heels crack and you slough off showers of dead flakes and cells just by undressing. When my ass freezes in the short time it takes me to answer nature’s call. When I am having the runs and desparately try to shed the layers of clothes before shit happens.

  17. *hiding in room with aircon so not available to reply to everyone*

    LOL, so many comments! Looks like we are hard to please. Neither one suit us enough. I wonder if there is a place on earth that is constantly 20 °C? I would love to be there.

  18. late spring jsut before summer when the sun burns the hell out of ur skin.

    or late summer n early autumn. best combo imho.
    sun not strong enough to burn the shit out of u and wind not that cold enough to freeze you ;p

    but it only happens for 2 months out of the 10 months ;p

  19. It is not because of the heatwave, humidity make you sweat. Penang is surround by the sea, so it is humid. FYI, it is strange that Malaysia retailer still sell those stupid humidifier, which will make us sweat more. Country like Hong Kong, the retailers sell DEhumidifier. You air-con also can act as dehumidifier, just turn on the “dry” setting. But compare to a real dehumdifier, air-con work too slow and consume more power.

  20. to me hot or cold also can.
    problem with cold weather is my toe joints get swollen and red, very painful you know (and I’m only in my 20s!). And my skincare routine changes in winter due to dryness in the air.

    in summer it gets really hot and dry (compared to hot and humid in malaysia), and temperature can go up between 35-40°C or more. Ever baked something in the oven and left the door opened? The wind feels like that, hot and dry, literally like being toasted in an oven. Always get nosebleed, and cannot use same skin and haircare products as in malaysia.

    Someone mentioned baju need many sets to suit different seasons, while malaysia only 1 season… oklah, i admit it is rather fun to dress up in those cool winterwear… but expensive lorr… =)

  21. rereading your blog again, I totally agree with your statement:
    “I wish I stay in a country that has temperature below 24°C all year round.”

    So true! But Australia is not that country… =)

  22. heh stupid mistake of mine 12 months not 10 months -_-”

    msia cold can turn off anytime…
    try shutting the cold here…sure from the skies stupid ice pellets will hail n cut u -_-”
    that’s one thing to be thankful in msia – no random ice stone/stone hail -_-“

  23. mX – Hailstone? Never experience, so I also want. Nice ya? heheeheh

    lotusutol – It gets that hot? Yikes. When I was in OZ, it has the best weather and I did dream of staying there. Now, you spoilt that dream. LOL!

    moo_t – We Malaysians are suckers. We buy any ideas the marketing crooks cook up.

    Vagus – I guess you are back here for the hols and missed the weather in the States ya?

    Mr Kiasi – How you know the sea has that temperature? Cameron Highlands la, better.

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