Hic, hic. zzzzzzz

If you drink a huge volume of liquid, whether it is water, orange juice, alcohol or anything, you will puke. Therefore, I can’t drink 750 ml of liquid at one go. Yet, when I drink half of that quantity, I don’t feel a thing.

Yesterday night was an excuse to celebrate because it is Father’s Day. Any day is a good day anyway when kids are away/sleeping. So, we popped open a bottle of red wine. And I drank and I drank and I drank. And nothing happens.

All I learnt is:
1) Red wine tastes horrible with durian kueh. Kehkehkeh
2) Cheese tricks the taste bud to make red wine tastes sweeter.
3) Red wine makes my atm (that is husband, not ‘at the moment’ or ‘automated teller machine’) red like a lobster, with just half a glass.
4) Red wine plus durian cannot make me die. As opposed to grandma stories that eating durian and drinking alcohol at the same time can cause a person to die of ‘wind’.
5) Red wine tastes better when the price goes higher. (Hey, a person with money and a taste bud that works do not need to learn bouquet, vintage, vineyard, soil condition, weather blabla to know a wine taste good or not, ok?)
6) Red wine with 11.5% alcohol does nothing to me, eventhough I gulped down half bottle at one go.
7) Anytime, I prefer white wine that tastes like apple juice. LOL!

All I want to do last night was to get plain silly but I ended up dead sleepy. What does alcohol do to you? Ever been drunk?

15 thoughts on “Hic, hic. zzzzzzz

  1. Kick me, those wines are gifts so I have to drink them. I have bottles and bottle of XO and VSOP which ended up in my cooking pot and fruitcakes.

  2. alcohol does good thing to me.
    never been drunk before.never puked before either.

    hohoho.high level of alcohol tolerance.

  3. hoho I also prefer white wine. Smooth taste. Red one has got to be very old only taste nice, else not nice. heheheh

    If I am drunk, I will react depending on the ocasssion. If drinking when having problem, then will laugh like siao lang all night, talking craps with drinking friends. If drunk of party, I will stay calm and maintain my consciousness. Never been badly drunk. After finish all the laugh and drink, then will drop down sleeping like stone. haha

  4. Awwws,shucks! I just finished the rest of the bottle and all I get is some blur visions that last minutes. No chiqik at all.

    S-Kay – ewwss…that’s horrible. No kick? Beer gives me fast kick. Liquor comes slowly so better be careful. May end in up bed before you realise. Mixing cocktails is lethal. Hahaha, I am not as innocent as I blogged.

    Narrowband – Better practice now or else on wedding day, you terus conk out.

    Surfnux – My 12 yrs old son got accidentally drunk before. (i blogged it, seach keyword whiskey) He laughed non-stop. So, he is waiting to see me drunk like him. And I can’t.

    Julee – I do get rashes if I drink certain beers. Once, after Oktoberfest, I ended up looking like stung by bees.

    rb – You will go far in your career. If you are female and working in jobs that need to entertain male clients, this is a positive point. Otherwise, die lah, the purchasers/clients got you into bed and blackmail you. LOL! I got friends who are in marketing. Talking from experiences.

  5. Red wine goes with meat and white wine with fish. Thats what I learnt. Could not find any literature that says wine of either colour goes with durian or durian cake. I prefer to stick to cha when eating lempok.

  6. Hi I am doing marketing too.

    Most of the time my boss bring me out to dinner with French, Korean, Japanese and so on. And I work as Tanker to protect my boss.

    End of the dinner, none of us get drunk. The guests who are good drinker are ok, me (tanker) also no problem. One time I had 1 or 2 bottle of wine alone and end of the day, I didn’t get drunk or high, just feel sleepy that’s all.

    My Korean guest :”Wine and beers are for amatures !! Try the Bomb ( Beer + Whisky or Brandy )”

    Me :” No thanks ! No thanks !”

  7. I know some liquor will give me rashes, a sign of food allergy. And for red wines, except aging(expensive)wine, oriental doesn’t share the same taste with the whites. The fun of buying red wines is to find the cheapest possible that suit you taste. Once I’ve bought RM25 table wines that taste better than RM100++ wines. And wines house? They usually let you taste vineger, than put all sort of marketing+con stuff to convince you red wine “support to taste like that”.

  8. Do you think women can take alcohol better cos I can drink and drink and drink like you and nothing happens and Mr MG turns red like a lobster too with just a glass. Hehe.

  9. My mom is allergic to alcohol. Even alcohol in food makes her red like a tomato. That happens to my brother too.

    Later I learnt, a majority of Asians have some missing chemical in their body that causes them to turn really red with minimal alcohol in their body.

    Luckily I’m not allergic.. which has led me to lots of nights drinking from 8pm ’til 4am the next day.. hehhe. I get drunk sometimes but rarely ever throw up.

  10. Surfnux – Got kungfu drunks also mah. Like Jackie Chan.

    Hsin – You terror hor? But the internal organs take a beating leh.

    MG – I think our fats absorbed all those alchohol. Hahaha. Same with me, mine one even got red eyes. Good also ‘cos he cannot go kau-kau-chan drinking or else he drops SNOOOZE before even getting ‘further’.

    moo_t = Wei, must show me what brand so I can drink like water. When I was in Florence, they have this Chianti. They treat it like water, and a glass of Chianti is cheaper than a can of orange squash.

    Kai Hong – You must be very big to be a tanker. Hohoho, mix beer with brandy ah? I try next time, tell you what happen, ok? Or if you see this blog go on hiatus permanently, you know you have murdered me.

    Pok Ku – Hahaha, it is like kera dapat bunga punya cerita.

    Mr Kiasi – Ei, under 18 cannot drink ok?

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