One bad wig and bow tie is enuff, please!

I shall not go into details but hope you guys know who I am referring to.

One bad hair, balding head, bad wig (it is wig, no?), gawdy bow tie is enough. But they have to put up 1,000 of that? Gosh, can’t they find some other way to bodek? Who is going to admire that 1,000 posters anyway?

Think how much it costs to make 1,000 of that posters? Whose money is it? What purpose it serves? It is not that he is the warrior whom had shed blood for the country and died in war or something. Or found a cure for AIDS.

Anyone can enlighten me?

8 thoughts on “One bad wig and bow tie is enuff, please!

  1. Hahaha, that informasi punya kepala la. U no see in Star paper meh? They display 1,000 posters of his face, all his face and nothing else, except the bow ties la. Last time, he tourism wan mah.

  2. hahahahhahahah….i figured it was him already. LOL..OMG…1000 posters of his face. I really hope no one pengsans. I too haven’t read the papers yet. Later only read

  3. thquah – No joke? I tried reading the fine lines but can’t seem to find it. NVM, my hubby works in Kulim. Got time, I go check out the ‘exhibition’. Kehkehkeh

    Simon & S-Kay : Hmmm…I wonder if the Star we had is the same as the one in KL. Actually, it is called ‘A thousand potraits of the you-know-who lah’. It was on display in the information office in Kulim, Kedah. 1,000 potrait of him, no joke! How did one accumulate 1,000 potraits unless they have an certain obssession of oneself?

  4. As long as the ticks didn’t use the tax payer money for that, I has no noise about it. But everybody know lar, so called invertebrate minister always threat the tax payer money as their own.

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