Ever read your own blog?

I did. Because someone asked me ‘What makes a good blog?’

I couldn’t answer him. So, I tried rummaging through my blog categories and see if I had written anything about it.

While searching through, I got side-tracked. Woohoo, there are so many wonderful postings to read. I love my own blog. I really do. I never realised I wrote so many thought provoking blogs until I took time to read through them. And the comments are priceless.

*sigh* The answer to the question – what makes a good blog?

I don’t have the faintest idea. But I think my blog is a good blog. So is everyone’s blog. (And also yours, Mr Kiasi)

Have you take time to read your blog? Do it! It is a self-discovery journey.

16 thoughts on “Ever read your own blog?

  1. Percolator – True wan leh, your blog is still new. Wait for like 6 mths and I am sure you can see what I mean.

    Joe – You keep a journal for a while and you have the chance to see that I mean. For me, my blog is not about growing up or growing older. Rather, it is the kind of thoughts my brain cooks up. I love the Inspiration section most.

  2. I sometimes have nothing to do and start reading my own posts. For me, I write what I feel and think about certain issues at that point of time so when i look back, some of my entries…I find them good..some of them…I go like “what was I thinking” but it’s good to read them and then see how much your blog have grown =)

  3. Yeah I did, just a few days back. My, how things changed, and yet stayed the same. It was like looking back at an older copy of oneself. Reliving the pain, the memories. *sigh* So many things happened in only a span of a year.

    IMHO what makes a good blog, is a blog that is honest and true to the bloggers self. Too many times, people try to be like other people. Try to be like ‘that’ blog or ‘this’ blog. Like sashi said to me today, blogging is about expressing oneself. Express yourself and you’ve got a good blog.

  4. I did browse through most of my old posts and found out the way I used to blog last time and now. Everything is different. Then get to see the changes of readers from own friends up to the bloggers community. ohoho

    Good to recall the past memories.

  5. Auntie Lilian, may I blog-whoring a bit? šŸ˜‰

    I just re-read my blog.
    All the posts are just SO DAMN GOOD!!!
    To find out more, please click on my link now.

  6. I figure as we go back to ever older entries we can see how the blog matures and how it grows as we too grow along the years. In a way the blog is ever so similar to a diary and peeking back we once again find back gems that we may have forgotten, get reacquainted with thoughts we used to have and rediscover our past self that accumulated to the present.

  7. Heheh… I read my own posts from time to time too. Does that make me a narcissist? But honestly, I do think we post articles which we personally feel are worthy of posting and it really feels nice when people actually interact with you on your posts… it gives your work an extra touch.
    Lilian, with reference to the Star’s report on blogging yesterday (Star Two), I really think your blog should have been featured there. You have a wide range of readers and I think most, if not all of us enjoy reading what you post… they are so realistic and honest, it makes me want to read more… šŸ™‚
    Perhaps I should get the newspaper reporters from Sin Chiew Daily to interview you. How about that? šŸ™‚

  8. Hi Miracle – Actually hor, I appeared in papers and magazines so often until I am sked of it. I had 3 pages on Star Intech, with my whole nose as big as Penang. Hahaha. Thanks a lot for the words anyway. I also appeared in Kwong Wah before. However, my main focus is not blogging but my online groups. Errm…you are aware that I have 2 forums and trail blaze many things in Malaysia, no? Blogging is just sap-sap water oni. I am not boasting hor? LOL! Check the side panel under Network? Those are my missions.

    Kervin – It is amazing how we can come out with certain things at certain times and later on, wonder how did we ever do that? Like your blog, you have a way with words and that’s what keep me going back and back. Sometimes, it is like ‘Hey it is like what I am thinking!’

    h.liew – Hahha, feel free to blog whore. I encourage that, it helps to help someone. Only certain quarters are touchy about them.

    Surfnux – Yeah, I see that some of the old commentors dropped and then, we gain some other new ones. While some stayed through. Very nice indeed.

    Bawang Merah – It does leave us with a fuzzy feeling, right? Sort of a roller-coaster ride, bumps and all, scary and fun.

    S-Kay – But I do wonder, supposed I wrote something really stupid (which touch wood, I haven’t), would I delete them in future? What about you? Say, some confessions that do not sound right, will you delete them?

  9. No wonder so long no answer. Rupa-rupanya pergi korek sejarah. But anyway, thanks once again.

    I wonder how come those bloggers outside can blog so well, as I feel myself is keep on ‘jatuh standard’. I still remember how I blog last time, about the cyber sex, and also school events. But, I think the ‘jatuh standard’ is because I’ve learned ‘How Not To Blog’. Maybe this will help much in my future blogging.

  10. I actually wanted to comment bout that coz that thought came in mind. While I was typing my previous comment, I wanted to add for the part I said “what was I thinking”, I would prolly rewrite the topic again but not delete it.

  11. A good blog is one which grows on you. Like a sip out of a good wine, each visit leaves a pleasant lingering after-taste, and in time, you find yourself going back for more :=)

    I like blogs with a feel good factor, that leaves me going away feeling good about something.

    Or blogs that leave a small imprint on my mind, whether it be a fresh insight into a social issue or the turning of a mundane event into a riveting tale with uncommon eloquence and observation.

    Or, not least, when readers are given the special privilege of sharing the blogger’s very personal inner sanctum of fears and hopes, triumphs and despair. It is this element of humanity, from which I see my own self-reflections and therefore instinctively connect, that I find most endearing.

  12. Thanks for dropping by my blog.. I read my own blog and I think I do not say that mine is good. To me there are good post but not good blog. As sometimes a person is affected by the surrounding, so the post itself reflect that…

  13. Aiyah! It must be me who is still living under the coconut shell.. forgive my ignorance Lilian! I remember reading about you some time back in the Star-your picture appeared there. Sorry I did not venture further into your online groups… must make it a point to. Arrgggh.. lesson learnt today-do your research before commenting! Or comment at your own risk hahaha. So you are the Penang online celebrity in your own right. Long Live Lilian!

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