Do girls go for money?

5xmom : Heck! Yes! Of course! What a silly question! Hrrmmmppphhhhh, like that also want to ask meh? You never watch National Geographic or Animal Planets before ah?

You (yes,you the reader) : ELLO!!! Nyonya, we are talking about boy/girl relationship la, apa kena mengena with those TV programmes!

5xmom : Shaddap, listen here little boys and girls, let Auntie finish talking first.

You : Ok, ok (sit down quietly and read on ok?)

5xmom explains : It is not surprising that girls DO look for money and power in guys. This is nature. All animals also do the same. The males will fight it out and the female choose the most powerful and strongest winner. In our human kingdom, money equals power and strength too.

You : Like that mah call gold-digger lor. Mata duitan bukan?

5xmom : Not exactly. A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. To ensure that she has a secured future. So that her future offsprings have proper home.

5xmom’s advice to the guys : Be glad if you find a girl and she ditched you for someone else richer. You do not need a partner like that.

You : Advice for the girls leh?

5xmom : Errrmmm…it is always polite to tell the guys, “No lah, I am not a materialistic girl. I am just happy to have someone love me.”

Say only la, in real life, you want a bugger who loves you, kissing the floor you walk on but doesn’t own a sen or not? Sure no mah.

A guy who is Mr. Right is trustworthy, sincere, honest, hardworking, responsible and yes, got future and a little bit of money.

Acat and Mr. Kiasu (on my knees) – Please don’t marah me ya? I had written long time ago but did not publish it. It so happens that I saw both of Acat and Mr. Kiasu wrote about this matter and I only play-play oni.

18 thoughts on “Do girls go for money?

  1. lilian,

    must be a good package lah. not money alone. if got money but can’t communicate how? everytime you talk, feels like talking to a brick wall.

    and the guy can have all the money in the world but if there is 1 or 2,3,4 bad habits that the girl can’t stand also cannot work šŸ˜‰

  2. I’m totally agree. Not only Nat’l Geo and Animal Planets tell us to go for the most powerful. Last week in the Apprentice, one of the college graduate said Donald Trump is powerfully sexy (because he arrives with his personal chopper). Looks certainly doesn’t play an important role these days.

  3. hehe. its generally acceptable laa to state that u prefer a rich dude to a poor loser. hehe. provided ur clear about it up front that is. hehe. at least u can do something about it. hehe. don’t wanna be like “oh i don’t care about the money” at first only to dump the guy the minute donald trump comes a knocking. heheh.

  4. I like my guy to know what he wants and is able to support me when I need him to in the future (be it emotionally or financially). He needs to have plans laid out for his future. No need to be so clear lah but at least he knows which direction he’s heading. And most importantly, who shows that he loves me more than I do. Hah. I am so honest.

    And guess what? I’m with that guy now. hohoho. But I feel that there are times which I take him for granted. I deserve a whack in the head =P

  5. I just had pizzaaaaaa hutttt. Cheap publicity for them šŸ™‚ Saw a couple. This young lady around middle twenties sat with a bold late forties man, hugging & kissing. Guess they r not there to eat but to give out free movie tickets. Guess that leng loi is trying to secure her future too šŸ™‚ but in a different way la šŸ˜‰

  6. Even if the girl hasn’t thought about it, her parents, aunties, ah por, keh por, KPC, will ask her, “Hey, your BF got money boh?”

  7. no money no honey. hahaha

    There is one joke about this:
    “Got Money, Abang mari aku sayang. No Money? P*k*m*k pulang kampung!”. Censorred a bit.

    I kinda agree lo. But, have to watch out for those who only wants money and no love. Like for example before going out as a bf gf, already asked something like: eh, your father is the Gudang Garam’s stockholder ka? eh, your father is manager in 5 star hotel ka?

    So, if you encounter something like this, this has something wrong with the girl’s wish. Tul tak?

  8. A topic such as this always spawns a rather huge feedback committee. šŸ˜‰

    As for the girls who choose to lie to their BFs when you break up just cause they don’t wanna hurt the guy’s feelings, just to let you know, lying is already bad enough. Though I bet you women would definetely just think, “guys don’t care.. they’ll find another the next day..”

    Nuff said. šŸ˜› Fair hor.. LoL!

  9. surfnux,

    it’s “ada duit, abang sayang; takder duit, abang melayang” ler. never heard that brutal version of yours šŸ™‚

  10. Sue – Surfnux orang Indonesia, so maybe that is no brutal. hahaha.

    Wei, Danny – I also ditched a accounts executive for an asst. financial controller once. You say I bad hor?

    Surfnux – When I say money, I don’t mean filty rich la. But the thing is as a girl grow more mature, her needs differ and sometimes that school crush seem too poor for her lifestyle, so she change lor. Tak salah kan?

    fishtail – Yalor, if no money until cannot buy Char Hor Fan, sure got pressure from parents, right?

    David – Yalor, honest mah. Because I said so many other qualities and money is only 1/7 of them. Sometimes, a girl ditched a guy because of the other bad qualities but guy refused to see their own weaknesses and accuse girls of money digging.

    Bawang Merah – Different girls got different definations of ‘rich’ mah. Dun worry, dude.

    Joe – Ha…that one is different lor. That one is sugar daddy.

    8dee – Yes of course, no point having a rich guy who inherited money from his old folks and then jolly everything. Suffer later.

  11. While money is important, I would like the guy to be able to provide for me in all aspect i.e. physical, mental & emotional. šŸ™‚

  12. Mystic – Yes, yes, agree. Actually my earlier posting got disclaimer but I intentionally deleted out the para. To gain more comments. Money is only a part of the desired qualities.

    Sue – Yalar, I had seen enough women who are married to filthy rich men, ada title, ada diamond, ada properties in OZ and London. Tapi…suffer teruk. I duduk kat flat kecik pun lagi senang hati.

    Acat – I think many people will bend under the temptation.

    hcfoo – Oh ya, when got money plastered all over the face, botak, pimple, beer belly all also look nice liao.

  13. Auntie: Correct. :p
    Sue: hehe my brutal version is re-made by one famous ah-kua singer. I watched his concert and got his jokes. :p

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