Make a date at PPS bash tomorrow!

I fondly recall getting hits from people searching for match-making agency after my blog here and here.

Today, I made another step ahead! Tadaaa….

I mentioned about Acat. Then, Puteri cheekily made a marriage proposal through her blog to Acat.

So, Puteri and Acat – Hey, make a date tomorrow to meet up at the PPS bash tomorrow. Who knows….ada jodoh nanti? Please, please, please? I hope to get komisen. Paling sikit pun telur dua biji, ya?

Added : If the two of you really turn up, I belanja both your drinks. How about that?

12 thoughts on “Make a date at PPS bash tomorrow!

  1. hehehe… puteri is somewhere in your hometown lah lilian. so far away. camana nak attend. but u 2 can have a drink together 🙂

  2. MG – Yalor…too bad Puteri in Penang.

    Belacan – Hope we get a share of the bunga telor ya?

    Puteri – So, what is the next step?

    Bawang Merah – Let us keep chanting, Go acat go, go puteri go

    Sue – Ish, baru I tau. Never mind, it is just a few kilometre. Acat can come here, I chaperone. Puter go down, you chaperone.

    Joe – You want to get pull ear?

    JxT – Long time liao, experience match maker

    Acat – Not many can boast that he is proposed by a girl!

    Mrs T – This is fun!

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