7 thoughts on “Congrats to the winners

  1. Congrats to Kenny!
    Congrats to Simon!
    Congrats to Jeff!

    Kenny, your coconuts can upgrade to durian already!!
    Simon, perhaps you can blog about top ten reasons why I won the award!!

    Congratulations guys!

  2. oi 2nd prize go to you laaaa !!!! u 2nd fast leh lol! buden what if we all kena tipu ledi ? DIE MAN DIE!!! LOL!

  3. My source reliable wan….Got little birdie mah.

    hahaha, we thick skin wan, dun care ler. Janji got trapik, kehkehkeh

  4. Thanks to all of you, and to 5xmom, who started it all… i’ll mail you about it… but this time pls reply!

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