I bet dare to be 5xmom but 5xmom herself!

Ish! Title should read:
I bet NO ONE dare to be 5xmom but 5xmom herself.

The title said it all. No matter I many times I tried to be Dr. Liew**, I still ended up with being me. I choose helicopter, I choose digital camera, I know what RCPN is, I even risk getting strike by lighting by clicking some stuffs very much against my conscience and still I end up with being 5xmom. I even cheated by using a pseudonym. So, don’t anyone dare to blog that they are 5xmom. ‘Cos there is only one. I sudah ‘jom’.

**Why in heaven’s sake do you want to be Dr Liew?
Answer : Because I prefer Dr. Evil’s photo over my own, cannot meh? ‘Cos I know in real life I have a waist and a curvaceous body that can make men above 40 yr drools and also jump-start some under-used equipment to go ‘vroom, vroom, vroom’, ok? Not like the stupid photo below where I look like a hulk, ok? Eh sai boh? KNN! This Keneney , err. I mean Kenny Sia, chiak pah bo su cho.

Go on, take the test. But only tell me if you get a blogger name 5xmom. I am not interested to know which blogger you are except for 5xmom.

Congratulations Ah Lian, you are…

5x Mom of chanlilian.net

You have a maternal instinct secretly hidden deep inside you. To many people you are this well-meaning, protective mother always readily sacrificing yourself helping others. Unfortunately this sometimes can be seen as nagging or being over-protective. Then you become confused because the person you’re trying to help suddenly turned on you. But you are diplomatic and you have the patience to slowly but surely patch up any animosity that may exist between you and your detractors. The best thing about you is that no matter how bad the whole world treats you, you are forgiving and never attempt to hold any grudge inside you. For that, you are golden.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

19 thoughts on “I bet dare to be 5xmom but 5xmom herself!

  1. Pafft!
    Can’t do the dumb quiz. Stumped by Q1. I dare reveal my pic but not my name. They dun have this option. Talk about quizzes pigeon-holing people with assumptions and stereotypes.
    Guess it means I am not your typical, garden variety Malaysian blogger…. I like it… hahhaha!!

  2. Secret tips here. Just pretend you are a 16 years old blogger, and maybe got chance to become Dr Liew. No joke. I’ve tried that already.

  3. Lilian, I’m not a blogger but took the quiz anyway for fun and guess what… I am Dr. Liew! *don’t know want to cry or laugh* :/

  4. I’m Jeff Ooi. I’m sure I don’t have serious materials like Jeff Ooi. Agree with percolator’s point of view but it’s fun lah.

  5. not ‘jom’ , but ‘chuppppp’ laaa! and dun forget to do the bird sign with your fingers (all fingers come together)

    “Chuppppp, Coka-Colaaaa… ahhhhhhh!”

  6. Kampungkai – burp…

    Sue – Waduh, when did Jeff Ooi sama style dengan you? hahaha. If we switch roles, it is kinda funny, isn’t it?

    minishorts – Kenny play cheat wan.

    momof2 – Hey, Dr. Liew’s is flattering wat?

    elb – Wah? Really? Did you cheat?

    zyrin – Another one!

    babe – and another one

    Mr Kiasi – It wasn’t the age. I did put I am underage. Also get the same.

    Percolator – Cheat-cheat until you get someone you fancy, like Jeff Ooi, for eg?

    sexymama – Just take quiz from the link I provided? Then, copy the code and paste it to your website.

  7. nay, I am odd in that I left this fanship stuff along with schoolgirl-crush way back in my teenybopperhood. I think I like not fitting in any classifiable type or pigeon-hole…though there are certain traits of a few bloggers I would simply love to have. But I guess no can cherry-pick. šŸ™‚

  8. mystic – Woohoo! A ‘visitor’ from Bali! Throw rose petals on red carpet. Enjoy your trip and go wow them!

    Percolator – Dun care ler, all in the name of fun.

  9. i blog like you,auntie lilian
    wuz so happy cause i love ur blog šŸ™‚
    (also an honour)
    then err actually i accept the bet to be more witty and more thought provoking like u hehehe in er perhaps 5 to 10 years’ time hehehehe

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