PPS 3rd anniversary – 2006

Checklist for Aiz

1) Provide coaches from every state in Malaysia
2) Hold it at PWTC
3) Set up stalls so that Penang bloggers can bring belacans,
Terengganu bloggers bring keropok ikan, Melaka bloggers cincalok and etc so we have pasar malam there
4) PPS bash to be held for one week
5) Provide rotten eggs and tomatoes so that bloggers can throw at those those who still bold their pings
7) Invite CNN, Bloomberg and all the local magazines like Mangga (for the blur sotongs, this is a cheap, thrashy mag) and live telecast on all TV and radio channels
8) Provide masks so that all the anon bloggers like Dr. Liew and Hustler can attend too
9) Employ tight security and metal plus camera detectors.
10) Light sabre will be useful to zap cam whores who smuggle camera into hall.
11) Provide boxing gloves for the likes of RajanR and Menj.
12) Start planning right NOW!

Anyone can think of further suggestion? Please feel free to use the comment board.

12 thoughts on “PPS 3rd anniversary – 2006

  1. it’s sounds more like blog convention.
    just make at midvalley convo centre la. hehe

  2. fishtail – You must specify what sarong, 100% cotton Kelantan batik printed ones or rubber?

    ZEO – Yeah, you can call it that. PWTC comes to mind because UMNO hold it there. Kehkehkeh

    Joe – Ya, the Japanese ones who say ‘I love Malaysian men because they are not like Japanese men who……’ You know the rest la.

    Nilesh – Wonder if I shud trackback to their respective blogs so that this catch their attention. Hahaha.

  3. Lilian food fair sounds great hehe you can promote your Penang Faces site there and then too šŸ˜€ A Malaysian blogger convention mmm yeah can oranize at the nice KLCC (kuala umpur convention center) too.

    P.s. suggetion find venue with a server and a few hundred ports or prepare a few coms with Wifi so bloggers can prty and blog about it at the same time. Walau shiok then!

  4. Labu Sayong from Sayong, Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

    try to request for PM or DPM’s attendence.
    could also get the minister of higher education department attend it to promote the usage of ENGLISH (as i’ve realised that most blogs who ping in pps are in english).
    blogging could be better than watching tv because it requires us to read, type, analyse and write our thoughts šŸ™‚

    i agree most with suggestion No.1
    sighs, i wanna go toooooo šŸ™

  5. Hahaha. Yah Sounds more like a convention. Can we have booths to promote our blog? I like the mask idea. Next year must design masks instead of T-shirts!

  6. MG – We must send a petition to Aiz to call for those kind of costume party with lots of feathers and masks. The women carry that zorro like eye piece? Wahlau, so hiao wan. Hahaha.

    chief – Seriously, a lot of bloggers did not attend because of the exposure. How nice ya? But it reeks of something sinister if we go in mask. Like some cult worshipping.

    Venus – Labu Sayong is vegetable or vase ha? I never been to Kuala Kangsar. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, percolator and simon.

    php – We are forward planner mah.

    babe – Ya, we dressed according to our theme. I go in durian costume, you go in oink-oink costume. hahaha

    Kervin – Yalor, maybe in future we can achieve that? All nerdy and serious looking, sitting down with one PC each. Wah, so canggih. Age 8 yrs to 80 yrs old bloggers.

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