Blogathon 2005 – How you can contribute

Are you too old to stay awake for 24 hours?
Are you too lazy to blog every half hour for 24 hours?
Are you too busy to glue your butt to the chair for 24 hours?

Well, never mind. I am also too old, too lazy and too busy. But I am participating in the above. As a donor.

I had been following Yvonne’s blog for a while and admire her guts and cheerfulness inspite of adversities she face. This young lady is taking part in the Blogathon 2005 and has chosen Eden Handicap Centre as the beneficiary of the charitable event. Eden is here in Penang and they helped the disabled.

So, how about joining in Blogathon 2005 by pledging a sum of money? Yvonne gave a suggested amount of RM1 for each blog she posted, i.e. every 30 mins in a 24 hour period. That is RM48. You can pledge more or less, up to you. Any amount also can.

I shall paste Yvonne’s email here. You can find out more details from the links she provided.


Hello Friends,

BLOGATHON IS BACK AGAIN!! I am participating in this year’s Blogathon
set on the 6th August 2005. The race begins at 9:00am Eastern Time. It
is a race to post at least one blogpost in every 30 minutes for 24
hours straight.

The purpose of Blogathon is to raise money for charity. Sponsors can
pledge ANY AMOUNT they want. The minimum blogpost in 24 hours is 48.
If you pledge $1 for each blogpost.. you’ll be donating $1X48=$48.
Again, you may pledge any amount you wish. Even as little as 10 cents!
But because most of my friends are minors, I make it a point to post
the minimum amount of blogpost and that is 48 blog posts. So you may
plan your finances accordingly.

Here is how the money goes….

Sponsors —> Blogathon —-> NGO/Beneficiaries

When registration is open, you are invited to sign up as a sponsor at and choose “eden handicap service center” as your
beneficiary. I will email you when its time to register.

Meanwhile, please visit these related links…

Related Links: (more info about the hearing
aid) (My webblog) (Eden Handicap Service

That’s all for now. I hope to hear back from you! and thank you so

Yours Sincerely,
Yvonne Foong


Anyone interested to participate, please email Yvonne direct.

But if you would drop a comment here about your participation, it would nice too. Nothing like the mob effect ya? I join, you join, everyone join.

5 thoughts on “Blogathon 2005 – How you can contribute

  1. ah since i cant participate (my phone bill will sky rocket if i online every 30 minutes) , i will sponsor her lah.the amount is in RM right? not USD right? -_-“””

  2. RB – Wah, you are on dial-up, issit? In RM lah. Actually, the amount up to us wan, you go read the details on Yvonne site la. I also very blur, blur, not sure how to pay? If direct to Eden, no problem la, they are in our island.

    Mr Kiasi – This is a motivation to Yvonne to take the challenge. If my old bones can stand it, I would have taken part too. But you know la, every half hour, I have to iron underwears, wash toilet with toothbrush, wash dirty bottoms, go neighbour houses to gossip, watch po.. hahahaha.

  3. Hello Lilian. Thanks for the PR and thank you mrkiasi for supporting me. When registrations are open, you may register yourself as a donor and choose Eden handicap Service Center as the beneficiary. At the end of the race, will send you an email about the total amount. Then, you have to pass the cash or post the cheque/money order to Eden directly. only monitors the event. They do not handle the donations so this is definitely legit.

    I request that you write the word “blogathon” at the back of your cheque/money order and pass your cash to Bertie or Madelene (founders of Eden). If you pass it to someone else, they might mix it up with other donations. Thank you once again!

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