Myths busted at PPS Bash

I had been busy screening through all the photos.

Kahkahkah, I am going to kick someone for bluffing me that TV Smith is an angmoh. For so many months since I started blogging, I had been fantasizing about this angmoh who seems to have Malaysian views right to to the dot. And once, when I saw his photo of tangyuen, I thought he is in his 20s.

And I thought the top ten man, Simon the NOTY must be some scrawny, nerdy, speckie, pimply geek. Hohohoho, am I wrong!

Then, the James of Loopy Meals that I had in mind turns out looking like Jeff Ooi. Although Mae is as pretty as I had expected.

Now the biggest question I have in mind is….Was Viewtru there?

Gosh, so many myths busted. I must make sure I attend the next one. I would be gaping and gawking.

*Sorry ha, I just have to jump on the bandwagon to blog something about the bash. And nope, I won’t tell where I saw all these photos. It is on the web, PING.

18 thoughts on “Myths busted at PPS Bash

  1. Percolator – The most important is the one I wrote YESTERDAY – We want a masquerade party next year at some convention centre.

    Fashionasia – Nyek, you gotta scour PPS. Ping not long ago. I hope whoever posted the photo got the right person to the right name la. Like that only fun mah.

  2. yes, good idea like the S’pore Blogger’s Convention. . masquerades is fantastic for me since I now have a phobia about cameras…

  3. aunty lilian, but then how would you know that the person who went to the Bash was in fact the genuine TV Smith? Maybe Mr Smith who indeed is an angmoh, may have sent his crony there? Boleh kan?

    have a nice weekend, aunty

    a curous Hakka girl

  4. A masquerade would be SO COOL =P

    Lilian, next year you drive your naza ria down and pick me up lah…ahahahha…is it naza ria ah? heehee

  5. where’s my photo?!! I’ve got to stop it!!!

    I can verify the guy i met is real TV Smith… he’s my inspiration. his posting on ‘blogging for dungus’ got me started…

  6. Simon – It is in my hard-disk. LOL. In Leona something blog. Ping not long only. Hey, your mails bounced la.

  7. How come all the ppl at the bash looks 20-30 something, so cool, hip and happening wan? I think not very representative of the overall M’sian blogging community lah. What about the loads of students and aunty aunty leh?

  8. MR Kiasi – I got it through one of PPS Ping. Cannot remember URL leh.

    Yvonne- Yes I got the mail. I will blog it later. Thanks! RM1 is no problem to me.

    MG – Correction – only the 20s something cam and blog whoring mah….Hahahaha sour grapes.

  9. hi lilian. don’t mind i made a comment here eh?

    FYI, at the PPS bash last night, there were 2… or was it 3… bloggers who asked about you. yep when we were talking about penang bloggers, they said something like “where is lilian?” or “lilian is also from penang right. is she coming?”. yes, true, they never asked me about other penang bloggers but you!

  10. Thanks lucia! The other Penang bloggers hardly ping to PPS and hence, the KL bloggers don’t really know. Next year, we chartered a whole bus load. Hahaha.

    James – Serious. Hohohoho. You should have used Jeff’s face instead. Abuden Mrs. Ooi may go after him for being with Zhang Ji Yi.

  11. Baggy Pants – i agree with you, so many people are trying to fool the people, I went too, under anon that kinda thing.

    Fashionasia – Wah you also curious what Simon looks like? We can negotiate, for a small fee, I mail you his photo. LOL! (simon wiping cold sweats)

    S-Kay and Percolator – Next year we suggest la.

  12. Oi oi oi! What small fee! Anyway, perhaps the photo is labelled wrongly by leona? If its nots a short fat canadian guy with curly hair, then its not me!

  13. i also always thought tv smith is an angmoh. terkejut when saw the photos of the pps bash & the tags below it saying it was tv smith.

    then i started thinking… he angmoh from which country wan????

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