OMG, I am so bodoh! Phew…

Since everyone is going to blog about TEH PPS BASH, no one is going to read this anyway.

I am SO, SO VERY THE STUPIAK! Oh boy, how can I forget! I wasn’t in the photo but it is my eldest son! He is 5′ 6″, 160 pounds and he is holding hands with my three other boys in Pulau Perhentian in January.

For the last 24 hours, I had been wondering where my waist had gone to! I was lamenting why The Blog of the year winner, Kenny Sia (heck it is good to mention winner’s name in our blog ok? You also go find some excuse to name dropping la!) took a photo of mine and photoshopped my waist away. For the last 24 hours, I had been looking in the mirror nekid.

I saw a woman with curves! But, but that photo did not have my waist. And the shoulder was far too wide. I thought it is Kenny’s conspiracy of making my harga saham jatuh. LOL! Dumb woman!

Just this evening, a man tried to pick me up. LOL! I swear, cross my heart and hope to die.

Do you know that if you own a cute dog and walk the dog, the opposite sex will use the dog as a conversation piece?

That is what happened to me. I was standing there in the park next to my toddler who was on the swing. This mid 40s chap in his exercise gear pretend to come up to my son and said him cute. Ptuii…la, if you think my son cute, you should meet my husband. Lagi cute.

Phew… can I mistaken my eldest son’s silhouette with my own Marilyn Monroe’s curves? *wipe sweats* Now can go to sleep peacefully.

16 thoughts on “OMG, I am so bodoh! Phew…

  1. You are an amazing woman to be able to keep a cute dog, a cuter husband, 5 children, and a host of woman-groups, all in tow. Most people have 24 hours a day; perhaps you have 26 🙂

  2. omigosh… Lilian… only the young cikus like bag of bones kakaka silly them! Hubby like ours lup us cos we’ve more for them to lup 😀 Cheers!

  3. Watch hitch, people with doggies are irrisistable 😉 Makes a good conversation piece too since if you’re with kids the singles know you’re not available, if pets well there’ a 50/50 chance mah XD

  4. Aiyoyoyoh
    Then the picture should read-5xMom’s Angels lah. Hor? Haiyah… you become tension for nothing right?
    Anyway, most important thing is that your ATM thinks you are the sweetest, hottest woman in this whole wide world! Right?

  5. Crazy – Mestilah, a woman’s vanity mah. Sure-sure, it is an honour to me.

    Miracle – My problem is I took thousands of photo and therefore, can’t remember what is what. Hahaha.

    Pok Ku – Pandai pun.

    Lynee – kakaka indeed. So siao lah.

    Kervin – No wonder you wanted to air transfer your dog from KK to Kuantan la, ya?

    Babe – Yeah to love handles

    fishtail – actually, I was only referring to the dog pick up line. I cannot own dogs in my apartment or I am sure my kids would have love them.

    Fashionasia – I really worried for a while, you know? Still laughing over my silliness.

    Mystic, S-Kay, Mrs T – Don’t you think I am so, so vain. Because I DO HAVE A WAIST! Can’t stop laughing.

  6. Ah..hahahahahahha. Lilian, lilian. I’m laughing non-stop. Eh your son really look like you even the sillhouette. (Abuden you’re tired of ppl telling you dat)

  7. That is what happened to me. The lady I met online on that day is around 37 years old. About 20 years older than me. She said what lah, I’m cute lah, clever lah, pandai pujuk perempuan lah…… and she proposed to me. Chisin wan. Ptuii…la, if she thinks I’m liday hor, she should meet Bil Gates lah. Better man.

  8. ROTLMAO – Mr Kiasi, hahahahahahaha…..37 yrs old? Ei, you can report police got paedophile online wor. OMG, she gave moms like me a bad name. Hahahahaha

    MG – Dun ler rub it in

  9. Smiles,,,forsure sweety i blogged about that months ago,,It is suppose to be the best way to find love in Oz haha walk ya dog,, Oh well i should walk my cat hehe.

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