The dreaded parent meet teacher day

Eeek, it is that time of the year again. It is the parents meet the teachers day or called Open Day.

I had been through it so many times, I can shut my eyes, close my ears and still know what the teachers say.

“Mrs. Loh, your son doesn’t pay attention in class.”
(5xmom thinking : Hmm…after this boring thing, shall we eat curry mee or char koay teow?)
“Mrs. Loh, your son likes to daydream.”
( Go Parkson Grand got sale so must bring Bonuslink card.?)
“Mrs. Loh, your son needs to improve his maths.”
(What should I blog this evening?)
“Mrs. Loh, you need to get your son to do read more Bahasa Malaysia books.”
(I wonder if my Google adsense has breached the USD50 mark?)


Oh yes, thank you Puan Mariam/Mr. Tan/Mr. Veloo. I will take note of everything you have mentioned. I really appreciate what you have done for my children. I will certainly make sure they improve. Thank you soooo much! Have a good day!

Out of the classroom

5xmom : Come, let’s go makan!
5xkids: What did teacher tell you? Talk for so long.
5xmom : You want to eat western, mamak or Chinese?
5xkids: I got what number in class ha? (normally, the children do not know their position in class until parents meet teacher)
5xmom : Aiyah, forget liao. Never mind wan la. Come, come, let’s go makan.

So, to go or not to go, that is the question for tomorrow. Probably, I will oversleep past the hours of 12 noon and ponteng la. (time for open day 9-12 noon)

Moral of the story : If I push too hard, my children and I will be miserable. The most they get is a probably a few notches up in the class. So, why bother? Don’t worry, be happy. I am happy, kids are happy, everyone is happy. My kids never go for tuition, I never own a rotan.

*haih* Open days, don’t you just hate them? The parents who ought to go, never bother. Like those parents with difficult children. Parents with kids who are doing well would hound the teachers and demand for more homeworks and all those rubbish. I had seen one parent whose son was in the 2nd place in class hurling abuses at the class teacher and threatening to lodge complaint to the headmaster just because his son failed to make the top mark due to some discrepancies. I wanted to punch that father, right there and then. Hmmm…maybe I ought to go, bring my camera and capture some video of nasties and ugly parents for blogging sake?

14 thoughts on “The dreaded parent meet teacher day

  1. You are so right Lilian .. about parents who should go and won’t make an effort. We usually dont go as we dont have anything to say or talk about.. I’m not gonna ask for more home work nor complain about her marks.- They’re fine and as long as shes happy and still like to learn. I’m not going to be like those kiasu parents , put so much pressure on the kids until they hate school and learning.

  2. wah like tat oso can. My parents hor never did go for such thing leh. Infact, most students in my school hor, the parents always never go one leh since they are lots of high-profile menteri’s kids there….

  3. yeah yeah.. u should bring ur camera there.. capture some pix/videos.. n post them up.. hehe..

    so long nv experience open day liao.. maybe can bring me down to memory lane abit..

  4. ha..ha..ha. I just blog about the same topic–this Report Card Day. Mine was yesterday (friday) and as usual i let the teacher did the talking and then, just thanked her and left.

  5. gosh, i didn’t know there are parents who dreaded these kind of days, haha. now i know better. =P i love tis post, teaches me not to be a kiasu parent, hehe.

    as for my dad, he tends to prioritize education more than anything else. he objects our participations in outside classroom activities and when we get bad results, he blames it on the activities. oh well.

    man, 5xmom, u’re definitely the coolest mom on earth!

  6. my teachers all recognise my KakLong instead of my mom… since she’s the one who picks up my report card. parents seldom around, mahh… but whenever they come home from their trips, i always get an nagged at coz i’m really bad at maths unlike the rest of my family who seems to cruise through the subject. cheh. just my luck that my siblings are over-achievers ;p

    i really hated these parents-teachers thingy.

  7. LOL…’s my sister’s open day too and she practically FORCED MY MOM to go. Why? Coz she tak tahan the teacher and wants my mom to complain bout all her subject teachers. I was shocked. I mean, usually teacher would complain to parents bout their kids and kids would really wanna escape open day but this one terbalik. And she even told my mom wad she thinks the teacher would counter back and all. LOL.

  8. Em… parents dont like open day ha? 5xmom, what do u think of tachers? I agree with S-kay… ask your kids to sign their report card on behalf of you. My students used to do it not until I meet their parents when I took over the class this year. 3 years they never know their kids result. What kind of parents they r? Not until the school write a letter ask them to come. Then they were very surprised knowing that their ‘top student’ kids failed every exam. Heh…

  9. can u be my mum plssssssssssss?XDDD
    i’ll take out the trash for u, cook u dinner, and tell you everyday how charming you look

    pretty plsssssssssssss XDDDDDD

    first mum in the whole wide world i see thinks open day is almost a waste of timeeeeeee

    //i can see my own mother skinning n yelling at me everytime got open day…but i usually tell teacher my parents out station n dun tell my mum bout open day so…they just hand me my report card… XDDD

  10. Coolest mom on earth, you are.
    Hehe.. one of my colleagues also went to collect his kid’s report card today.
    “Eh, Mr. X, your anak punya grades ar, kurang memuaskan lar.”
    “Har? That means you dont know how to teach lar…”
    Teacher: *speechless*
    Joker la that fellow. Don’t think the teacher wants to see him next year

  11. This is what I call a kool mom!! šŸ˜€
    Adopt me! You’ll be 6x MoM…hahhahahah šŸ˜›
    Just kidding, just kidding. ^^

  12. I hated the family days over in SXI. Besides Bro. paul’s blatant milking of the day (jual kuih, jual this, jual that) I used to get the heebie jeebies just thinking about my mom talking to my teacher. Scary.

    ps. I was a good boy. Really šŸ˜€

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