The haze…

It wasn’t too long ago when I blogged about the haze in Penang.

The island is covered by the haze again today. Can’t see the sun, can smell smokey air, we lost our Penang Hill, Penang Bridge and the tallest building is not visible from a distance.

*cough, cough, cough, ahak, ahak, ahak*

Someone tell me what is going on?

13 thoughts on “The haze…

  1. yeah.. noticed the haze since this morning already… I blogged on haze as well few hours ago… Damn stuffy..

  2. I’m living in KL, how come I can’t see haze. Is there something wrong with me or I just got back from a place where the pollution was much worst?

  3. The haze was bad down south few days ago. but today it has cleared up. maybe sudah naik ke utara šŸ˜‰

    there was a hujan lebat this morning, maybe that cleaned it up.

  4. it’s the same over here in perak, aunt lilian.
    i was driving to ipoh (30mins from kk) earlier with a bunch of friends and whooaaa…the highway was covered with haze *errm…sounds kua-zhang abit* but we were wondering what happened aso -__-“

  5. tallest building? would you be referring to KOMTAR, by any chance? or just the tallest building in your area? *unsure*

  6. It rains! Phew…
    elb – Yeah, I mean the KOMTAR, not the Twin Tower.

    S-Kay – It smells here.

    Venus – It was very bad this morning. Can’t see the sky. Lucky it rains in the afternoon.

    Joe – Probably your air is too polluted to notice.

    Athene – I have added you in my flickr group. I just learn about that ‘add member’ button.

    Keropok – I hope the haze won’t last long. It is depressing to see foggy skies. Now I wonder how people last through winter.

    Kervin – That’s my next destination. My hubby got a pastor friend there.

    EF – I think KL is much deeper inland.

    JxT – Almost forget the name jerebu liao, now it appears again.

    Chen – Hope it rains and wash it away.

    Jason – Do the rain dance again. Hahaha.

  7. tq tq tq… and i’ve just discovered the creative common feature thanks to you…;)
    check your mail!

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