I am she

I notice that most bloggers have that ‘100 things you do not know about me’ kinda thing. So, this will be the ‘One million things you MUST know about me’.

This will be an endless list. Because I am such a show-off! Hate me, sue me.

1. 5xmom is 5 times mom and not 5 XXXXX (as in x rated) mom.

2. I have 5 sons, but only 4 on earth because one had gone to Heaven, died due to premature birth at 7 months old.

3. Blogging is just a small part of me.

4. Like they say, life begins at 40 yrs old. So, I am going to be one year old coming Sept 7th.

5. I have several online support groups. I maybe a pioneer in Malaysia for some of them.

6. Mymomsbest is a website for parents and also a forum.

7. MyLittleHeroes has my .pdf guidebook for parents with critically ill children.

8. MyHealingPath is an online forum for bereaved parents. It has information on coping with death and dying children.

9. I am the owner of all the above domains.

10. I learnt html from scratch and the highest education level I achieved is a puny SPM Grade 2 and never complete my secretarial course.

Phew…did I really do all the above?

Let me go catch some breath first before continuing……..

11. I had written a book, self-published and self-sponsored. It doesn’t cost me much because the printer charged me at cost. The book is given away free to parents with very ill children, hospitals and charitable bodies.

12. If I seem to look like I have a lot of money (because I paid for the hostings and domain fees btw), it is because I have met many kind donors and I get some advertisement fees in my parenting site.

Are you bored yet? I seems to have nothing to do but living a life online. Yeap, that’s because I have plenty of time.

13. I love chocolates and if you never see me PMS-ing, that’s my secret! But I only eat expensive chocolate. Lindt or better imported stuffs.

14. I can swear in Hokkien, Hainanese, Tamil, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Teochew, Bahasa Malaysia and still learning more languages. Hahaha.

15. I can’t tolerate inane talks and hence, I like to keep to myself. If I speak, I speak with a purpose.

16. I am a do-er. I either have to be a leader or an organiser. I don’t take it kindly as followers, unless I am at the beginning stage as a learner.

17. If I do something, I have to do it till perfect and I must shine or else it is not worth my time.

18. My current mission is to get a booming voice. I am working on that by joining my church choir, singing Latin songs in soprano.

19. Oh ya, did I tell you I am a Catholic? Not that it matters because I believe a person is only useful by the deeds he/she does. Not what religion he/she is labelled as.

20. Of course, I love to talk about religion but I couldn’t care less about ‘saving’ people. It is their own problems, which path they want to take. My motto is ‘You did not choose me, I (God) choose you.’

Enough of serious stuff. Now about blogging stuff.

21. I had blogged for more than half a year.

22. I learnt from the sifu and highly respect mine. (you need to search who is that)

23. I am into blogging because it is a self-expression, blowing trumpets and also an archive for my kids.

24. My whole family including siblings, nephews, nieces, husband and kids know about my blog but they don’t read it regularly.

25. However, I am dying for some dumb ass ex-colleagues to read my blog. Oooh, I wish I can spill some beans.

..to be continued.

27 thoughts on “I am she

  1. go on go on, i’m reading! šŸ˜€

    I wrote a 100 things, and it tire me so much i think i would die 3 years earlier than my expected life span.

  2. Jason, cannot, chair broke. Must buy bigger chair first. Self-praise, self-kembang, very dangerous. Hahahaha. I saw on NST today about some ‘things you do not know about one Punjabi guy’ so I got the idea to write.

  3. Lilian, can delete my earlier comment URL or not.. i pasted wrongly … hahahaha!! silly me..!!

  4. Ooooooo….. very interesting hehehe! Not self-praise lah! I call it “manifestations of a healthy self-esteem and taking pride in one’s remarkable life achievements” :=)

  5. Lilian,
    you are definitely a “very special” lady….
    just got to read ALL your entries on Vincent…u made me cry….
    you are right Lilian…no matter what religion we are…as long as we believe in GOD…we’ll be at peace.
    …if only i can write as well as you…

  6. Haha waiting for you to hit the millionth reason šŸ™‚ I’m sure it’ll be a bundle of laughs XD Unique thats the word for you, bet there’s no other in the world.

  7. Hmmm.. looks like i have to wait for more than 10 years to celebrate my 1st birthday…

    Cepat cepat, finish up the list. Now only 25, you have to work harder.

  8. Lilian, the BIG FOUR ‘O’ coming year! wow.. middle age already.. if you use the national average life span, you have 30 odd years left in your life. I don’t have to tell you, you are already enoying life.

  9. JxT, athene, fish fish, asho – I got an idea for a next blog. Wait ha.

    Mr Kiasi – Cannot tell one.

    neeshen – Last I read, they say life span 90 yrs now. Ewwwss..I don’t want to live that long.

    BawangMerah – Yalah, no excuse wan. Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih.

    keropok – hey, one life live it. like a camel.

    viewtru – HOT? Sure lah. I got no aircon, no fan, so sunny mah. hahaha

    MG – yakah? You not afraid to reveal age meh?

    Kervin – Thank you. I will go along whenever I am in the mood.

    ummi – thank you dear.

    Adam – Wah…muda lagi ya?

  10. moneyminded – I got no surprises I think. Only foolishness.

    Tinkerbell – Very encouraging words, thanks.

    Mrs T – Did that for you.

    Lifefeel – You seems to be learning many things ya?

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