The idea was to go to get a PS2 DVD for my kid. But I came out of the shop disillusioned and shaken. I had never seen a person high on pills or whatever drugs.

This girl, about 20 yrs old is probably the shop assistant. I was there with my son who was choosing some new titles. She walked in and started talking very loudly. In between, she was making these horrible noises like a turkey choking. Sort of a bad hiccup but sounds like 100 persons hiccuping at the same time.

Her limbs were jerking. She is a pretty girl. Her head was shaking and she swings between crying, sobbing, laughing and talking. I got very uncomfortable listening to the weird hick-hicking sounds and though I tried not to stare, I couldn’t help it.

The male shop assistant was also very uncomfortable and nervous and kept saying ‘sorry ha, sorry ha’ to me. I know they aren’t related because we usually frequented the shop.

I was hurrying my 8 yrs old who was oblivious to the girl’s action because he can’t make up his mind between iRobots (?) and Batman. In my haste to get out of the shop, I took out the money for both and told the guy to pack them up.

We left the shop. My 8 yrs old did not know anything. I am thankful that my 13 yrs old (who is very observant) who was with us earlier decided to dash over to McD for a sundae. It is certainly not a sight I want my young children to see. Not at their age. They will be traumatised.

The girl looks so tormented in her condition. I do not know what drives her to take whatever she took. I hope she has good reasons to do so. Which of course, there is none.

I may never find an answer why others do things like these. I am still very much affected by the scene. I had seen very ill people in hospitals but the condition of the girl is so much more heart-breaking. And it is a choice she made and not something beyond her control.

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  1. My mom sneaked me into the disco in Thailand a couple of years ago. I saw ppl high on e-pills. Scary scene. I’ll never do that. It was an experience.

  2. Hi Lilian, Heres a recent real story from Canada.
    Just a warning to people , anything can be abused as a drug.
    [[ Subject: Dust Off
    > >
    > > First I’m going to tell you a little about me and my family. My name is
    > > Jeff. I am a Police Officer for a city which is known nationwide for its
    > > crime rate. We have a lot of gangs and drugs. At one point we were # 2 in
    > > the nation in homicides per capita. I also have a police K-9 named Thor .
    > > He was certified in drugs and general duty. He retired at 3 years old
    > > because he was shot in the line of duty. He lives with us now and I still
    > > train with him because he likes it. I always liked the fact that there was
    > > no way to bring drugs into my house. Thor wouldn’t allow it. He would
    > > tell on you. The reason I say this is so you understand that I know about
    > > drugs. I have taught in schools about drugs. My wife asks all our kids at
    > > least once a week if they used any drugs. Makes them promise they won’t.
    > >
    > > I like building computers occasionally and started building a new one in
    > > February 2005. I also was working on some of my older computers. They were
    > > full of dust so on one of my trips to the computer store I bought a 3 pack
    > > of DUST OFF. Dust Off is a can of compressed air to blow dust off a
    > > computer. A few weeks later when I went to use them they were all used. I
    > > talked to my kids and my 2 sons both said they had used them on their
    > > computer and messing around with them. I yelled at them for wasting the 10
    > > dollars I paid for them. On February 28 I went back to the computer store.
    > > They didn’t have the 3 pack which I had bought on sale so I bought a
    > > single jumbo can of Dust Off. I went home and set it
    > > down beside my computer.
    > >
    > > On March 1st I left for work at 10 PM. At 11 PM my wife went down and
    > > kissed Kyle goodnight. At 530 AM the next morning Kathy went downstairs to
    > > wake Kyle up for school, before she left for work. He was sitting up in
    > > bed with his legs crossed and his head leaning over. She called to him a
    > > few times to get up. He didn’t move. He would sometimes tease her like
    > > this and pretend he fell back asleep. He was never easy to get up. She
    > > went in and shook his arm. He fell over. He was pale white and had the
    > > straw from the Dust Off can coming out of his mouth. He had the new can of
    > > Dust Off in his hands. Kyle was dead.
    > >
    > > I am a police officer and I had never heard of this. My wife is a nurse
    > > and she had never heard of this. We later found out from the coroner,
    > > after the autopsy, that only the propellant from the can of Dust off was
    > > in his system. No other drugs. Kyle had died between midnight and 1 Am.
    > >
    > > I found out that using Dust Off is being done mostly by kids ages 9
    > > through 15. They even have a name for it. It’s called dusting. A take
    > > off from the Dust Off name. It gives them a slight high for about 10
    > > seconds. It makes them dizzy. A boy who lives down the street from us
    > > showed Kyle how to do this about a month before. Kyle showed his best
    > > friend. Told him it was cool and it couldn’t hurt you. It’s just
    > > compressed air. It can’t hurt you. His best friend said no.
    > >
    > > Kyle’s was wrong. It’s not just compresses air. It also
    > > contains a propellant. I think its R2. It’s a refrigerant like what is
    > > used in your refrigerator. It is a heavy gas.-Heavier than air. When you
    > > inhale it, it fills your lungs and keeps the good air, with oxygen, out.
    > > That’s why you feel dizzy, buzzed. It decreases the oxygen to your brain,
    > > to your heart. Kyle was right. It can’t hurt you. IT KILLS YOU. The
    > > horrible part about this is there is no warning. There is no level that
    > > kills you. It’s not cumulative or an overdose; it can just go randomly,
    > > terribly wrong. Roll the dice and if your number comes up you die. IT’S
    > > NOT AN OVERDOSE. It’s Russian roulette. You don’t die later. Or not feel
    > > good and say I’ve had too much. You usually die as your breathing it in.
    > > If not you die within 2 seconds of finishing “the hit.” That’s why the
    > > straw was still in Kyle’s mouth when he died. Why his eyes were still
    > > open.
    > >
    > > The experts want to call this huffing. The kids don’t believe its
    > > huffing. As adults we tend to lump many things together. But it doesn’t
    > > fit here. And that’s why it’s more accepted. There is no chemical
    > > reaction. no strong odor. It doesn’t follow the huffing signals. Kyle
    > > complained a few days before he died of his tongue hurting. It probably
    > > did. The propellant causes frostbite. If I had only known.
    > >
    > > It’s easy to say hey, it’s my life and I’ll do what I want. But it
    > > isn’t. Others are always affected. This has forever changed our family’s
    > > life. I have a hole in my heart and soul that can never be fixed. The pain
    > > is so immense I can’t describe it. There’s nowhere to run from it. I cry
    > > all the time and I don’t ever cry. I do what I’m supposed to do but I
    > > don’t really care. My kids are messed up. One won’t talk about it. The
    > > other will only sleep in our room at night. And my wife, I can’t even
    > > describe how bad she is taking this. I thought we were safe because of
    > > Thor. I thought we were safe because we knew about drugs and talked to our
    > > kids about them.
    > >
    > > After Kyle died another story came out. A Probation Officer went to the
    > > school system next to ours to speak with a student. While there he found a
    > > student using Dust Off in the bathroom. This student told him about
    > > another student who also had some in his locker. This is a rather affluent
    > > school system. They will tell you they don’t have a drug problem there.
    > > They don’t even have a dare or plus program there. So rather than tell
    > > everyone about this “new” way of getting high they found, they hid it. The
    > > probation officer told the media after Kyle’s death and they, the school,
    > > then admitted to it. I know that if they would have told the media and I
    > > had heard, it wouldn’t have been in my house.
    > >
    > > We need to get this out of our homes and school computer labs.
    > >
    > > Using Dust Off isn’t new and some “professionals” do know about. It just
    > > isn’t talked about much, except by the kids. They know about it.
    > >
    > > April 2nd was 1 month since Kyle died. April 5th would have been his 15th
    > > birthday. And every weekday I catch myself sitting on the living room
    > > couch at 2:30 in the afternoon and waiting to see him get off the bus. I
    > > know Kyle is in heaven but I can’t help but wonder If I died and went to
    > > Hell.
    > > Jeff
    > > Tracey Lowey, B.A., M.S.
    > > Crime Analyst
    > > Targeted Enforcement Unit #583 Calgary Police Service Office: 206-8360
    > >

  3. Romantic – Thanks for the info. Over here, I think kids sniff glue. Question is what drove them to do stuffs like this other than curiousity? I guess we can never answer that.

    S-Kay – It is a pathetic sight, being so helpless and out of control like that.

    Eileen – I saw at Watson (a chainstore) selling detector for ‘Vit K’. It is sold at the cashier counter along with the chewing gums and condoms.

  4. Good parent should read sixthseal : know it before monkey in your house playing fools with the drugs.

    Oh yes, btw, it is common for adults to abuse “safe drugs” such as panadol.

  5. Parental guidance’s important. Factors such as bad family background could lead to the abuse of drugs, peer influence, etc. Who do kids, teens go to when they have problem? Counseling centre?

  6. Kids at my hometown village like to buy glue to sniff, as a kind of cheap drug.

    But nowadays, this culture fade out already, probably I spend lesser time at hometown, so I don’t see and heard that much of such cases.

  7. Wah, in the early two, pretty and yet high on drugs. She must have had serious problem or something. Pity the girl. Sometimes, when no one to talk to, people tend to go for this bad alternative like drugs or suicide.

    Inhaling glue is also something that make you high. There is special glue, yellowish color, really strong hold and looked just like honey, but denser. The smell is extremely strong if you open the can itself. Some kids back home like to buy few ice plastic bag and the glue. They will put the glue inside and inhale it. This is bad.

    Sometimes, when we educate the children about drugs and not to take them, they will listen and not trying to take. But some will feel curious and try it. So, either way sometimes are not really working. Strict monitoring on the child can be really helpful.

  8. I think it starts at home. Lack of connection with anyone, “wrong” company giving “pleasure” and entertainment,, the usual, “come on, try it out” and so on. Many do it, most get off it sooner or later. A few “hang on”. Sad. Why do they do it? You will wonder, but I believe they have positive intentions behind it. Want to learn something new, try something out. Feeling bored, and want to get rid of the boredom. Things like that. Sad, isn’t it?

  9. My friend told me her husband has the pills, given to him by his boss who’s a bit on the dark side. She took the pills before and said it’s good, not stopped after having kids. I asked her how she’d like to teach her kids about this, she told me if the parents have tried it, it’s easier to explain how dangerous it is. I don’t know, I don’t wanna try.

  10. Lilian: One word. Pain. Drug taking, mutilation of the body, chain smoking, alcoholism, joining gangs etc, are all expressions of the neglect and pain the child/teenager feels. Often we label it as rebelliousness or mixing with wrong company or pleasure seeking but truth is, everytime you look into a teenage offender’s past, more often than not, there’s a broken family, abuse or neglect behind.

  11. 5xmom : i think its a medical condition, and not drugs that caused the girl to behave like that. ever seen people like that?

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