Males are dumber (was: My best friend)

If I have to write a composition or karangan with the above title (My Best Friend), I think I will fail miserably. I have NO best friend. I don’t know since when I started not having best friends.

I only realised this when I blurted out to …(a male, obviously),

Alamak, I am babbling with you like two aunties. hahaha. Anyway, I don’t keep female friends, they bored me to death.

Seriously, I do not know why the heck I wrote that. So, mister-whoever-you-are, please allow me to analyse why I said that.

I just looked back at my old blog and found a posting called ‘I got male bones’. (no comments there because I shifted to this new domain on February 14) I think that explains it.

Anyway, I don’t keep physical friends except those ‘hi and bye’ ones. I have no time you see. Best friends go to spa and salon, coffee and tea, shopping together. I wheregot time? And usually, those things that I really need to share, I would have shared with a male friend because:

– Males do not analyse a subject so much. They just listen
– Males give one liner retort, something that you want to hear but dare not utter it yourself
– Males do not make your confused mind more confusing by adding on their own experiences and what they do in movies.
– Males can keep secrets better
– Males are dumber (as opposed to cunning) and hence, you know they won’t hold something back and stab your back later
– Males take you for what you are without trying to read what you are trying to get to.
– I just prefer males because they don’t send forward mails.

I had survived a few tough situations and I must say that those few male friends are the one whom had provided me the much needed support. Somewhere out there, I know I have a couple whom I can always count on. But female friends? I have many but they are not at a level I would call My Best Reliable Friend.

It is sad, really. Because by now, I am too old to find a new bestie. Eewwss…probably, if I do have one, we would both be too menopausal to have any sane relationship. It is a hazard really. Because, who knows, my bestie and I may end up wearing shocking pink, 3 sizes smaller clothes, multi-colour painted nails, orange hair and shop our EPF savings away. You know, gurrls can do that when they are in a gang. Even old, cranky ones.

Gosh, someone please tell me it is NORMAL for me NOT to have a best friend. Am I a freak or what?

P/S : To all my female friends, online and real ones, just ignore me. Sometimes, I write for the sake of writing.

12 thoughts on “Males are dumber (was: My best friend)

  1. YOU ARE NORMAL. If it weren’t for this one gal pal who’s so close to me (we’re practically like sisters), I too would have no best friends. I dun know why lah but I usually have just hi-bye friends. I dun like being too close to them coz I’ve been stepped all over before.

  2. You are absolutely human, and absolutely right about men. I do realised them myself too. People just needs friends, be it male or female. I agree coz my male friends are like those need you then come to you, when don’t need you, then they have this don’t care attitude. I too sometimes act like that, we realise it but we didn’t change. I don’t have many female freinds, too few to be counted by fingers, so I can’t comment on girls.

  3. Of course you’re normal. Friendship is like any other relationship – it’s all about chemistry. Some are lucky… some aren’t. Guess for u, you struck chemistry with more male friends that female ones šŸ™‚ As for me… am truly blessed to have a group of friends, both male and female way back from my secondary school days. Somehow, I feel those that goes way back are the ones worth keeping…

    But then again… it’s never too late to get off our butts looking for new ones.

  4. me neither… so you’re not alone..guess it is difficult to find one whom you can talk/do silly things without being judged.

    is there really one who can be a real unconditional/not judgmental friend? one who can make you feel comfortable, allow you to be who you are & be there for you unconditionally???

    well, i’m still looking for one!

  5. You are normal, because my good friends are mostly bloggers. And in fact, I don’t have any best friend šŸ™‚

    Maybe I can say males are dumber because they always being cheated by females.

  6. Don’t worry, you are normal. I have 2 reliable female friends and the rest are males. haha!! and you are right, they don’t analyse subjects and they take you as you are. You are also right trhat they don’t add their own personal experience! haha!!

  7. It depends on whats your definition of a best friend. I don’t think you need a “bestie” for life to go on, the most important thing is that you have friends who share similar interests with you. Having a best friend is like having a double edged sword sometimes, they know so much about you that they can use the information against you if one day your friendship goes down the drain. But then, this is just me being paranoid.
    Be happy. Thats what matters. And of course, have a good atm like yours too. Life would be blissful šŸ™‚

  8. Sei lar, all my female online friends bo chap me liao. Why only 10 comments? LOL!

    Joe – You over 40 yrs old and very rich or not?

    miracle/S-Kay – Yeah, I am getting paranoid too.

    moneyminded – Yalar, sometimes, we merepek so much on the blog and MSN, there is nothing left to talk. I lost a few email friends that way. They said they are too busy to read my blog, I said I am too busy to repeat what I wrote in my blog in an email to them. So? Feel bad but at the same time, wonder how can they be too busy to drop comment for me here.

    doey – Glad you agree. Ever hate those who would compare everything you go through with their own experiences? Even if what you are going through are the lowest of the lowest and yet, they can say something like ‘yeah, I was kinda blue because yadda yadda yadda’.

    Mr Kiasi – If a guy have besties, then people will think they are gays.

    Like Vynn – said in his blog.

    ashotiwoth – Wifey tak kira la.

    Ling – Sometimes it work out but after a while, things went sour. Keep looking!

    Juan – I think I start dropping those friends after having children of my own. We are sort of went separate ways.

  9. Perhaps, you have grown into maturity stages where gender doesn’t distinguish human nature anymore…..Phew! what am I crapping about…I am turning 10 this December šŸ™‚

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