Nah, proof I got so many

A new visitor asked :

btw, this is my first drop-in. 5xmom = u got five children ah?

So, nah, proof that I have that many. I seldom take photos because I am always behind the camera. Moreover, it is not easy to pull four kids to sit quietly for even a few seconds. I just found this old, scanned photo from ‘somewhere’ group album. (psstt I have another one with all the kids, in a swimming pool, oolala) I have only 4 sons because one more has gone to Heaven.


Now, believe me?

16 thoughts on “Nah, proof I got so many

  1. Hahaha, kasba – dreaming to have kids? It is a scanned photo which usually is a big file. Can’t be help.

    fishtail – Heh, I also can recognise you. But then, hor, my face is so common, every neighbourhood ah soh also looks like me. Easier to watch out for a deranged woman with 4 sons running in 4 different direction.

  2. Wow, all boys hah? So, question: How do you feel after a visit to a supermarket?

    Answer: Both arms dangling and each about one foot longer from trying to hold those kids from running in all directions and creating havoc…

  3. Hahahaha, you should start printing name card, and put all your URL in there. And don’t forget to give some to your sons, in case the teacher ask, “where is your mum”?

  4. RB – My toddler is only 2 yrs old now. He was about 7 mths. So, not that long lah. Want to try also knot liao because the gahmen said delivered 5 cukup. So, I kena ikat liao.

    Viewtru – Wah, why you want to know? My husband doesn’t want anymore but if got rich sultan or something want, maybe I may consider.

    Tinkerbell – I like blogs with photos too. Sort of like reading magazines ya?

    moo_t – I do have name cards but without my personal blog. Only my parenting website and ICU book URL. Don’t want every tom, dick and harry to read my personal blog, unless they find it themselves.

    LC Teh – Thanks for dropping by. Actually hor, all of them very old liao, so I very senang bcos the older ones will chase the younger ones. I goyang kaki oni.

  5. Nice Pic Lil,
    Yea i can understand abt kids being still for few seconds..hehehe

    Mine one is a handful. I really salute u eh..I almost cannot handle only u handle 4?

  6. is the 2nd time i see ur pic..!! nice huh…u dun scare later got admirer to chase ur son??/ hahah…

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