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How often have you mistaken the gender of a blogger? I had made too many embarassing mistakes.

Sometimes, I would go to a male blogger’s site and yakkity yak girlish things because I thought the blogger is a female. Sometimes, I mistaken some technical related blog owned by a female blogger for a male blogger. Stereotyping. It happens all the time.

I thought timun-timun is a female because timun-timun visited my blog the same time with lobaksoup (radish soup) a leng-lui. Therefore, I cheekily asked lobaksoup why they both used vegetables as their identity. I thought that timun-timun is an organic alternative to the batteries-operated mechanical thing. Hahaha.

Can’t help having a skewed mind because I used to work with some labourers. They told me about this spinster who often go to the Chowrasta market in Penang to buy huge carrots. They explained to me how she would painstakingly choose the carrot with the right specifications. One day, the vegetable seller cut a thin, fine slice across the carrot without severing it. She brought it home and the carrot got stucked and she got to find a doctor to remove it. You don’t get the joke? Too bad. Read more blogs, especially those 18SX or 18PL rated.

OK, back to topic. It is easy to identify bloggers if they use names like Jason, Simon, Din, Sarah and etc. Or if they put their sexy legs or hairy body as their banners. But there are lots of blogs out there which I would classified as hemo-something. (don’t spell or else I get PSAs). Sometimes, bloggers use cute Japanese anime avatar or some hot Hollywood chicks as their avatars. Hence, the confusion.

So, is your blog portraying the right gender? Have you got into embarassing moments because of mistaken gender?

27 thoughts on “Sex of blogger

  1. Is gender something important? big deal!.
    freedom of expression is more important and I do not see why people must have a blog layout or avatar to suit other people’s expectation.

    a blog reader
    -Life Feel

  2. Funny u mentioned this, i previously thought the blogger of was a female, then met the real male author at PPS b’day bash. ahaks!

  3. I post my posts under my Christian name. So if you can’t figure out my gender, you’ve (people in general, I mean) obviously have not visited my blog before šŸ˜‰

  4. Your posting reminded me of those caveman/cavewoman dolls at pasar malams or central market. Anyone know what I’m talking about? They all look so alike that you can’t help but lift up their fur outfits to see if they are male or female.

  5. BawangMerah, I have to confess that I only very recently found out you’re male… all this while I thought you were female!

  6. Ain’t anonymity wonderful now? ROFL!

    Anyway, I don’t really take into account a sex of a blogger because I’m after content and lots more content. The only time gender for me comes into play are when they blog about their sexcapades and the like. šŸ˜›


  7. Oh man, my 18SX word has triggered off PSA.

    Mr B – Yours no need to guess la.
    Adam – Same with yours
    Danny – Wah, you either surf technical or xxx blogs la?
    Metria – I also thot Bawang Merah is a girl because of the cerita donggeng la.

    NsD – If not for Doc’s forum, I would guess too.

    Bawang Merah – I answered already, I thot you are a girl.

    Simmie – Wah….must open up the fur? Hahaha.

    Mudslinger – I knew straight away yours is female

    Lrong – You mean you mistaken others la. One look at your photo we all know you are a man liao.

    Joe – You tell me – joelim.blogspot girl or guy?

    elb – I had so I know.

    Din – Pok Ku also thot Fazri’s blog is a girl. Hahaha.

    Lifefeel – In general, we do want to know if we are communicating with who.

  8. Yalor, yalor. He use ‘cute girl’ as his ID in my blog somemore. But see the red laser eyes also know liao he is orang jantan.

    Spectrakia – I am trying to figure out what you mean. You too ‘chim’ (deep) liao.

    S-Kay – One look we know you lenglui la.

  9. This is something that I have read from an article about IT Security.

    There are so many ways to check if you are genuinely a “person”. And it says and I quote “Over the Internet, nobody knows that you are a dog!”

    Now you know why most secured registration sites require you to type in some funny cryptic alphanumeric text just to verify that you are not a computer program or non-human being.

    Still “catch no ball”? NVM.

  10. hehe been there done that big time,,i’ll tell ya my stuff ups via email,,,,tsk tsk so bad,, you’ll crack up,,but understand why…
    cheerz gal

  11. Sex of blogger?
    A famous writer used to say, “Even if you like the egg, you don’t need to know the chicken that laying it.”

  12. I like what moo_t said. It’s why I chose a non-gender specific name. Yet despite me pix up there, I have had one or two people refer to me as ‘he’. Yes, I’ll grant the name ‘percolator’ may sound masculine, but hey, do I look masculine to you?

  13. Wah 5XMom. Your blog so lau-juak. This topic makes good business.

    I always sign off as LC Teh and many times got addressed as Ms or Madam. Don’t know why. What was your guess?

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