The suspicious spouse

It is one of those days when I decide to cook. I made thong-sui (dessert) and too-tor-th’ng (if you do not understand this, then you probably shouldn’t know what it is). The hub aka atm aka spouse returned from work and found me serving him rice on the table and elaborate dishes PLUS a bowl of chilled dessert. Heheheh, I don’t do this ritual every day, ok?

5xdad : Wah, which place got sale?
5xmom : Eat la
5xdad : Got new camera advertisement ah?
5xmom : I am just being efficient, ok?
5xdad : Why? Your SKII finish liao?
5xmom : Nothing la!
5xdad : Aisay….say la, what you want? How many thousand (RM)?
5xmom : Talk somemore, I go pour everything back
5xdad : Sure you are not going to buy something expensive?

Men…..they are suspicious, no?

Important note for women : Be very cautious. If you suddenly get some expensive jewelleries or a new car from the hub without you hinting for them, there is surely some prawns behind the rocks (udang di sebalik batu/hidden agenda). I had seen a few male ex-colleagues who showered their wives with stones and bricks (stone =diamonds and bricks =properties in Australia) whenever they are up to something no good.

It is wise to be suspicious.

20 thoughts on “The suspicious spouse

  1. some men can be the occasional romantic, don’t “bring down the whole ship with one bamboo” (cantonese proverb to mean generalization)

    we do feel guilty that you have to do all the housework, minding the kids etc etc, that’s why we reward you with suprises.

  2. Heheheh!! very wise of lilian..! but no worries yet for me.. i haven’t received any stones or bricks.. or cars or anything..!! hahahha!!!

  3. HMMM have to torture husband for the “truth ” then.. cos I got wheels and another brick.

  4. Wah, it wud be nice if loh koong will ask me questions like these sometimes! Maybe must learn to serve him too-tor-th’ng first. LOL!

  5. erm…mamibee use pressure cooker to cook..so u can’t find any fuchok inside but u can see its dissolve become like soya beans… haah..

  6. Another way that may also work is to gaze and flip to an advertisement page in the magazine for at least 8 times. Make sure your hubby take notice of your obvious act.

    Pray hard after that and you just might get the item (whatever that is) come next birthday or anniversary.

  7. But ah … if things have already happened … better to get stones, rocks and bricks .. then nothing … heh heh .. At least if you have to drown in your sorrow .. drown together with rocks and bricks and have a good time …;P

  8. So…… you want new camera, SKII, bricks or stone izzit? Cook up such an elaborate meal. Hahaha.

  9. MG – See la, you also suspicious. Next time I think I better sit on my computer chair and read blogs and pretend not to notice he come home.

    Pompit – True, very true. Have the stones and bricks better investment. Hahaha.

    fish fish – you are learning from old married women.

    spectrakia – Wah, must learn from you. Keep blogging and share with us ya.

    Mr B – if it is your usual style, then stopping will get you into hot water. Mrs B will ask, “hmmm…where did all the money gone to? You spend elsewhere issit?”

    S-Kay – Actually, it is not lump in alphabetical oder but rather 7 names in a batch. Hahaha, I am not used to the buttons yet.

    milly – Yakah, must cook until all melt ah? My first time wor.

    bkworm – I had stopped my catering so I am left with cooking my own meals. And it is nice to cook elaborate dishes once in a while.

    romantic – Wah..lucky gal. Go ask for more stones and bricks then.

    Mrs T – Hahaha, be happy.

    maggielurva – Thanks for dropping by.

  10. Mystic – Yeah, pig’s maw soup. With lots of white pepper. Mostly cook during CNY. Hence the novelty.

    SK – Wah, you also agree?

  11. my hubby also like that. if i’m extra nice or cook something different, sure think i got udang di sebalik mee!

    btw, this is my first drop-in. 5xmom = u got five children ah?

  12. miche – hahaha udang di sebalik mee. Yes, miche, I got 5 kids. I just blog something in reply to your question.

  13. [[romantic – Wah..lucky gal. Go ask for more stones and bricks then. ]]
    cannot-lah Lilian.. I never ask. Maybe got no reason now but if I ask, then he find “reason” for giving me things hor. LOL
    He’s not the stones type.

  14. erm..auntie lilian, if u use normal pot to cook it… sure will not melt 1… if u use pressure cooker..the will melt ler…

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