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I got this link from T-Boy’s blog. In case you haven’t read this young man’s blog, do it. He has one heck of a refreshing blog. Let me summarise it:
Re the Sarong Party Girl’s case, T-Boy is the handful of chaps who think straight with a brain and not follow the crowd. (I can’t find that permalink.)

T-Boy called Jeff Ooi and Mack cry babies. Huahuahuah!!!! (OK, this is my own words, not T-Boy. He got a lot of tack and tact, ok?)

Now, back to the survey. Go on, take it. They (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are trying to establish some pattern about blogs and bloggers, asking if you are friends with cleaners, truckdrivers, postmen, company directors, government workers, union staff and stuff like that. Let’s participate, regardless of whether you are a professional, young students, ahsahms or whatever. Easy-peasy to do only.

Oh ya, one more thing. There is a mini column in the Star Intech about the PPS bash. Hmmm…one blogger name Simon who wished to be identified as simon only of http://www.wheregot.blogspot.com has… (edited).

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  1. Waaah! i tell you aa… i go off 2 days only havoc man… next time every i go must make sure got WiFi la!

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