What happen when you mix Titanic with AF?

Hubby got into TV channel surfing while I am lounging around.

What happened when you watch Titanic with Kate Winslet and that Leonardo guy alternately with Akademi Fantasia…..?

Big uwekkkkk….Muntah…..puking…..vomitting….isi perut pun terkeluar….

Argghhhh….I hate that man!

Man = husband who refused to switch channel
Man = Leonardo the ghey lou
Man = Another bordering on ghey…’tunggu apa lagi, hantarlah sms ke AFUNDI 5XMOM sekarang jugak (borrowed idea from another blogger)

eeee…bulu roma pun berdiri

6 thoughts on “What happen when you mix Titanic with AF?

  1. Most hubby always call ‘gorgeous hunk” -gay. Remember bae Yong Jun from winter Sonata? I never missed an episode. When my husband take a look at him, he said, ” Aiyah, this gay guy also you want to see’. Maybe he is jelous. Even worse, my male colleague in the office will say, ” That Bae yong Jun guy tu you can find berlambak kat kedai jual handphone or VCD at Sg Wang. No need to watch TV. What hair colur do you want? Blond, orange, red?

  2. im have to stick with akademi fantasia because my sister n my sister in laws like to watch it. i dont have majority power.

  3. moneyminded: no man with testicles would be jealous of a sissy like that bae yong jun (bae yan tiu) fellar. hair like a mop and pakai lipstick wan, omgwtfbbq!

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