Why do you link?

Bloggers socialising circuit was written by me in January this year. It tells of my misadventure as a newbie blogger (I AM STILL A NEWBIE, OK?). When I started this blog in October, I dare not link bloggers for fear that they may not like to see their names mentioned in my humble, newbie blog. You know, say you own a small roadside stall selling sweets and you hang the Prime Minister or Chief Minister photos at your stall? That kind of imbalance?

I was also the idiot who mistook someone else whose name is also Lilian for myself. I made a very embarassing blunder by writing to thank the person and only to realise few minutes later that I was so very wrong. However, it is always thrilling to know that someone else link you. I still do and always make an effort to drop by to thank the blogger if I trace it.

Never mind, those are in the past. Now, I just link every name that comes to mind. Though I do not read their blogs everyday (due to time constraints), I like having the URL around so that I can pop by with just a click.

Some FAQs

How do you know if someone link you?
1) Through the onestat or any stats register. You can see the referral URLs. Usually, I check the weekly stats and will drop by the new URLs.

2) Through Technorati. In Technorati, you can make a search on your own URL and see who links you. Sometimes, I will discover someone quoting my name or blog. Again, it is only polite to thank the person if they quote me. It is an honour to me, eventhough some actually b*tched instead of praise. But nay, I hardly start any flame so no one b*tched. Only those morons read it wrongly or follow blindly.

Do you have to write to the person to ask permission to link?
In one of Dr. Liew’s blog, he said, no need, just link whatever they like. So, I guess no need to ask permission. Of course, don’t link and then label the blog with some undesirable references la.

Do you have to write to the blogger to ask them to link you?
Pok Ku and TV Smith are the two early bloggers whom I encountered and respect. They have a section where you can write to them and give your URL. I tabik hormat to these two uncles (hahaha) because they do not discern who gets blink. They will remain the inspirations of our Malaysian bloggers. Cincai and approachable.

Then, there are other bloggers I respected like The Hustler, ex-Buaya and dear Hanyi who included almost every bloggers in their blogs.

Tips : If you are too lazy to get your links URL, just copy and paste mine.

Ultimately, does it matter if someone link or doesn’t link you?
Not really. If you like a blog, you hang around. It doesn’t matter if your name is there on the link. It is not like a medal of honour having some big shot blogger putting up your URL. No big deal. Anyway, we don’t earn tiga sen for every link so I couldn’t care less.

But ladies and gentlemen, have you link this URL?
http://www.wheregot.blogspot.com/? Not yet? Wah, mana boleh, cepat-cepat link. Why? ‘Cos he said so. (shameless plug!)

So, why do I link?

Because it is not hard to link.
It is not a big deal to link.
It is only right.
It is polite.

Why do you link?

*my blogrolling list is still in progress, more links coming soon*

10 thoughts on “Why do you link?

  1. Oh well, I can only think of one reason why people links…just to have a bookmark on blogsites that may contain interesting blogs rather than clogging up the ‘Favorites’ on the browser.

    Who would really give a toss about what are those links unless he/she has visited and found witty stuff there.

  2. thanks for the tips. I started blogging a month ago (fresh newbie). Basically, i link to blogs that i like to visit regularly, for e.g 5xmom. Pls don’t be so “kembang’.

  3. I link, because I tend to read blogs using different machines. Without bookmarks or RSS feed from my home pc, links in my blog help me to read blogs I like to read.

  4. I just love to read yr blogs as I think being parents both of us have the same mentality when it comes to children’s educaton, behavious and wat not. unfortunately I believe we belong to a minority group. sighssss. can u imagine my neighbour’s Std 1 kid goes for tuition for 8 subjects? Std 1!!!!

    Ponteng school? not yet try!!!

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