Did they say the F word in Madagascar?

No thanks to Uncle Ho and bad subtitles, here is what happened.

8 yrs old excitedly call me,

“Mommy, see, mommy”

5xmom: *back against TV* “Don’t want lah. Just tell me what happened.”

8 yrs old : You must see…You see what the monkey said.

5xmom : *still refused to turn head* Heard the word,
“Wake up you funky-monkey!”

8yrs old : Nehhh…they say bad word! (it is a big deal to hear the F word for my 8 yrs old ok?)

True enough, the subtitled spelt out,
“Wake up, you f*cking monkey (with the u spelt out. I censored it for Google’s ad sake).”

Now, someone tell me did I hear wrongly or they put the wrong subtitle? Because 8 yrs old insisted on rewinding and rewinding to find out.

5xmom : No you don’t. Do that, you don’t need to watch anymore DVD.

7 thoughts on “Did they say the F word in Madagascar?

  1. Guaranteed 100% bad subtitles. Uncle Ho’s squad of expert subtitlers are actually quite creative, and whenever possible, they try to save bad movies by typing dialogue that has nothing to do with the movie but is instead a lot funnier.

  2. No organisation are as efficient as Uncle Ho Corp. After the record the movie, they can create DVD subtitle for multiple language(English, Chinese, Malay, Thai, etc) in a few days. And Uncle Ho has no intention to hire expert to fix the langauge anomaly problem.

  3. Ha..ha..ha. Bought one Disney movie from Uncle Ho some time ago. My four year old keep on saying “Why Donald Duck speaks Chinese?”. true enough, Uncle Ho recycled his VCD, or prolly dubbed Disney movie into Mandarin..

  4. Mr Kiasi – Starting time, the big monkey wakes the small monkey

    moneyminded – Uncle Ho is very good, muhibbah. Hahaha

    moo_t – But still we must thank Uncle Ho

    Sashi – The subtitles can be downright annoying sometimes, really out of sync. Very funny also.

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