Made-In-India cars

We tailed a Mahindra Scorpio in a jam. (blardy Kuala Lumpur cars jamming my neighbourhood la, CB)

5xdad : Hey, this is not bad what.
5xmom : It is a Mahindra la

5xdad : What’s wrong? It looks like Renault finishing what. See the interior? (our Naza next the Mahindra, driver driving without air-cond)

5xmom : A Mahindra is Made-In-India ok?
5xdad : So what? It’s price is only one third of a Discovery
5xmom : Don’t even talk to me about it. I don’t want to hear.

A Nissan X-trail passed by and I was turning to look.

5xdad : That’s what happened to you people la. All conned by the Americans. See Nissan X-trail say ‘sui’ (nice), see Mahindra, never give 2nd look.

5xmom : OI, OI, who you want to bluff? Nissan is Japanese la.

5xdad : Don’t care la. You all (ish, what’s with the atm ha?)got blinded by American marketing tactics. Everything they say good, you follow. Must learn to see things differently. Cannot just follow the crowd.

5xmom : OI, can keep quiet or not ha? All I know is cars are supposed to be either Made-In-Malaysia or Made-In-Japan. Made-In-India stuffs are only exotic jewelleries and colourful sarees. Definitely not for cars. And don’t even suggest any continental car unless you want to buy me a BMW X5.

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Anyway, bye-bye X5 because lucky number not so lucky. BTW, Paul if you are reading this, tell Auto Bavaria their website sucks. You should offer to help them upgrade. It takes ages to load just the banner and there are no photos of the car interior.

12 thoughts on “Made-In-India cars

  1. I’m not fussy about my cars lilian.. just as long as they work.. that’s good enough for me.. and of course must be safe for my chloe lah.. šŸ™‚

  2. Mahindra ah? Wouldn’t risk it… perhaps many years down the line when they establish a firm reputation. Same goes for China made cars at the moment. At least with Malaysian made cars they cost a fair bit less to fix and your mechanic’s probably extremely familiar with them.

  3. RB – I got tip for you. Next time only khau rich kids. Hahaha. Short-cut. Yeah, Mahindra sounds like Bollywood actor, don’t you think? Why didn’t they name the car some English name hor?

    Hi Wye Jon – Thanks for dropping by. We are definitely not going to buy any India or China made cars.

    Mrs T – Your blog got some very hot models, right?

  4. With all due respect, women when buying cars depend just on the “brand” instead of looking at the specifications, numbers and hard data.

    Just like buying handbags and shoes. Two items might have the exact same quality, but women go for the brand name. Which to us men is just superficial. (and easily *conned*, hue he he)

    But remember one thing, even Britain’s Rover sells rebadged Indian cars. And if prices are the same, I think Indian cars might be on par, if not better, than a Potong.. I mean, Proton, car.

  5. Actually Mahindra is older than Proton. They have a good reputation in India. But I guess the “made in India” label is a turnoff for many Malaysians. However, I was surprised to learn that several foreign companies including Suzuki, Mercedes and Hyundai assemble their cars in India.

  6. Auto Bavaria’s website was done by INTEGRICITY! šŸ˜›

    I saw the Mahindra yesterday at Mid Valley. The outside looks kinda bengkak, the design flow not smooth. Really fugly interior.

  7. Mr Kiasi – I also dunno what is vios?

    Paul – Yeah I said it looks weird too.

    Adam – Actually, it is our perception. All those heavy machineries, lorries and buses are from India, right? I know TATA seems to be very Indian and durable too. LOL!

    CH – Yeah, you are right. Usually, all the smart car salesmen will try to woo the wives when a couple go to a car showroom. Forget about performance, engine etc. Just tell the wife all the frills and she will get the husband to buy. I am talking from experience.

    Mrs T – I get what you mean. The brand is not very important but safety wise. However, what I was trying to say is, we do love to admire hot cars, from far. Am I right?

  8. Ahhhhhhh… now i understand.. my dear..! sorry.. slow hor.. getting old perhaps.. hahahah!!

  9. lilian, it seems the Mahindra has a French soul i.e. a Renault engine inside it. TATA used to have a factory in Msia – DRB Hicom’s plant in Pekan was theirs but the biz flopped in Msia.

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