I am considering generating lucky numbers for

Sports Toto
Magnum 4D

on a regular basis.

Two days ago, both my atm and I were in the car and we saw these people by the roadside selling the results slips. Business is brisk.

For the people who are not sure what the above are, it is our weekly gambling ritual. In Malaysia, we have 3 days where the public i.e. those people who are not forbidden by their religions to gamble, gamble. They will buy a 4-digit numbers from either one or all of the companies. The above three are huge, rich, public listed corporations. It is legal.

Then, I saw the promotional leaflet distributed by some enterprising people. Check out Dr. Liew’s blog.

Back to the conversation in the car with my atm:

5xmom : Oh, today got draw issit? No wonder I got traffic surge looking for da ma cai on my website.

5xdad : You lah, not enterprising. See people selling the results slip? They easily earn money. Your website leh? Only know how to take money from me to pay for domain fee la, webhosting la. Everytime ask for money only.

5xmom : Yalah, yalah, I go stand by the roadside, feed mosquitoes la. Sell result slips lah. (merajuk liao)

5xdad : What? Like that not enough. You generate lucky numbers every day on your blog. One day sure got someone strike it rich. Then, they give you commission.

5xmom : OIII, you think I ‘tangki’ (medium/person who goes into trance) ah? Want me to get kick out of my church ah? Imagine what happened if people really strike the numbers.

Appear on all the Chinese and Tamil newspapers, front page, headlines….

5xmom boleh kasi nombor manyak cun mya. Cepat-cepat masuk komputer cari 5xmom. Pasti tepat, pasti dapat.

Anyway…..5xdad said to buy 6508 this weekend. RM10 big and RM10 small.

*If you lose, don’t come to 5xmom, ok? Not my fault. I do not gamble.*

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7 thoughts on “Seriously.

  1. Try putting up Spedia (you can click from bottom of my blog site) and browse through those ads and games…you may actually get some extra income assuming you have always-on broadband at home.

    The only problem is they pay you cheques in USD and the bank here charges RM 75 to clear a foreign cheque…the cheque equivalent amount is not even close to this fee. So, you just have to keep them as souvenir.

  2. Spectrakia – Actually hor, I got google adsense and i am only joking oni leh. I no hard up for money la. Want to know why I like to blog damacai? Because my blog appears above Pan Malaysia Pool. Wakakaka, can you believe it? I am getting like 400-600 hits a month for damacai keywords. So, I mah blog and blog lor. Thrilling to get above PMP in Google search mah.

    RB – That’s why no one get rich mah.

  3. Haha not bad also la generating numbers in your blog. Maybe can make this business big later can go on star newspaper. Headlines 5xmom the ‘san por’ blogger

  4. kahsoon – You write some javascripts or something. Everyday random numbers come up. Then, if I strike it rich, we share 50/50? hahaha. Don’t steal my idea hor?

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