Live 8 vs. Serena Williams = murder

Black-eyed peas on air, live from the US of A on Channel 88.

That two ugly, muscular females are fighting out the last few points in Wimbledon on Chanel 82.

Over here in Penang, Malaysia – a father and 4 kids are fighting with the remote control.

And one very harrassed blogger is contemplating murder (the two muscular females). Thank God for blogs. At least I know someone out there knows my agonies.

I hate tennis. I know, I know, there is the net. I tried getting Live 8 on the net but connection is bad.

12 thoughts on “Live 8 vs. Serena Williams = murder

  1. Hi Andy!
    That two chabohs tennis over liao. Now can watch in peace. My kids are watching with me. Thanks for the link! Are you going to watch till tomorrow? Me not sure, waiting until konk out.

  2. I MISSED DESTINY CHILD’S performance!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………..and Mariah Carey too!!!!! Shall catch the repeat. Blergh.

    I dun like tennis either and I dun understand why ppl can go ga-ga over ugly sharapova..look at her MANLY =P

  3. That tennis match was one of the most superb final ever at wimbledon! šŸ™‚

    Live 8 was entertaining especially when Green Day performed.

    Akademi Fantasia not bad at all coz that was the first time listening to sincere comment from the judges.

  4. Leona – I watched on TV better, bigger screen too.

    cutegirl – You so clever liao meh?

    hcfoo – Yeah, my hubby was so kancheong at the last few moments and create havoc with the kids. LOL!

    Mr Kiasi – ‘Cutegirl’ so clever, you go ask him la, I mean her.

    S-Kay – We seems to look at the wrong thing. Instead of their skills, we look at the face. I found the face a bit like Victorian times women. Not sure why but both just turn me off and yet, hubby can glue to the TV for so long.

    Andy – Hope you enjoyed them.

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