Mama on superbike

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Few things I learnt over the weekend.
1. Desmosedici is NOT only the name of the blue Power Ranger who met Peter Tan but the name of a bike.

2. It is nice to have kids because you can fool them with a straight face and they lapped up everything you said. (too bad some adults are that easily conned too).

Yesterday night, we had this group of super canggih superbikers vrooming around town in Penang. 5xdad who is itching to get another bike (we have one Yamaha scooter now) had been talking about them.

Kids were in the car with us.

5xmom : Hey, you get one of those? Then, I go and take motorbike licence?

5xdad : Oh, that one? *pointing to some RM80K bike* Can…. What colour you want?

#2 : Please lah, you better don’t. *looking at me in alarm*

5xmom : Why not? Cool mah, then I can vroom to fetch you from school.

#2 : NO!!!! Afterwards, you start to wear leather suit, tattoo hands, no sleeves t-shirts, boots, chains….. Please lah, don’t xia-xuey (embarass) me lah.

5xdad and 5xmom guffawed.

5xdad : Helloo….the price of those bikes can buy a car already. You think your father so rich ah?

5xmom : And you think I allow your papa to ride on those monsters? Afterwards, he doesn’t want to fetch me but some sexy girl how?

More laughs.

Anyway, I was in Toys R Us today and found a replica of Ducati Desmocedici and realised it is a bike, not just Hunting the Snark‘s ID. Hahaha.

*sigh* Can’t believe my sons actually believe that I can transform into a superbiker. With a Harley Davidson! I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. If I write about nothing but Live 8, cars and bikes, it is because that’s all I did over the weekend. Traffic jam and TV jam. Boooring.

13 thoughts on “Mama on superbike

  1. But really, I can’t imagine my Mummy on a Ducati. Riding pillion, maybe…but vrrrooming around town, shopping bags and all…LOL! Your sons have an avid imagination. =)

  2. hahaha i wanted to take a bike license last time,but dunno why i didnt.

    and i love those superbikes.but i dont think i can every ride them la.they are prob much more heavier than me.after fall down.paiseh.haha.

  3. If you ride on that bike hor, you’ll be bringing one guy who wears leather suit, tattoo hands, no sleeves t-shirts, boots, chains……

  4. That would be really cool.. lilian… to see you on one of those monsters..!!
    and your #2 so cute..!! very smart too.. to know about the leather boots.. and tattoos.. hehehe!!

  5. haha..really can’t imagine how does auntie lilian looks like wif tatto leathe suit..chain … all all those stuff…!! arghh..dun think is better… haha…

  6. saw you on minishorts.

    damn…you’re a cool 5 kids mom. never have i ever met a mom who would swear. my mom would kill me. lol.

    will keep checking in from now onwards. awesome!


  7. I went to the Paradise Sandy Beach Hotel on Sunday to look at the Tallest Cake in Malaysia, and what did I see? Nothing! No cake! Just a very tall (31 feet) structure. Right at the bottom, there were a couple of boxes; that’s all. Boring.

  8. Lilian,

    Mama on Ducati? make sure you got the figure coz Malaysian motorists who are trailing behind you usually want to check out who is that hot mama! LOL..

  9. Lilian,

    Mama on Ducati? make sure you got the figure coz Malaysian motorists who are trailing behind you usually want to check out who is that hot mama!

  10. Money-minded : oh no, they won’t. ‘Cos I look like a man, you see? So, I am safe, no need to spend another RM10K at Marie France.

    kasba – Dun fast-fast, bahaya tu.

    fishtail – Hahaha, you got connned. But at least you got some funny topic to blog about Malaysia Boleh.

    Lynn – Hi hi! It is one of those days, I am not like this everyday.

    (lilian using son’s computer, lazy to type longer)

  11. Riding bikes (whether Super or Scooter) is synonym to “Skin wrap around the Steel”

    May your lucky star incessantly shining on you…Take care.

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