Yesterday night, one moron who sells smart baby products joined my forum and posted his promotional stuffs. I was so p*ssed off with him and had wanted to cuss his descendants to the maggots. (sorry hor, I dunno how to swear correctly, someone teach me the right sentence?).

My forum is a free forum. My website is a free website. Therefore, no one can join MY forum with the excuse that they did not read the fine prints. There is no fine prints. Only BIG, HUGE, HUMONGOUS prints that say again and again that no one can sell anything unless they paid MyMomsBest a small fee for advertisement. And I DO NOT accept advertisements, no matter how much they are willing to pay me, from companies that deals with formula milk and baby foods – in line with the NGOs’ stand. I also will not accept advertisements from companies who teaches newborn to read and 8 months old babies to recognise alphabets. (Googles’ ads are not within my control though).

So, this moron did. And I wanted to swear. But the last time I used the word ‘crap’ at MY forum, some sweet ladies said I am not a good example to my children. They almost fainted and go, ‘tsk, tsk, tsk, what will her children think if she typed the word crap?’

Oh well, in trying to fit into MY own forum, I typed out my reply to the moron and then, on hindsight, deleted my own message. Sad isn’t it? I cannot swear.


I gotta eat a whole pack of double chocolate cookies from Famous Amos to get the geram-ness out of my system. I went to sleep plotting how to slay that moron. But I need to flush him out before I said my night prayers. Again, sad isn’t it? I cannot swear.

I woke up this morning and my menopausal Dell refused to start. This old lady Dell-ila has this habit of not starting on some mornings. I went to read blogs at my sons’ computer but I can’t comment because I dunno my blogger password. And some proud bloggers like that Simon does not accept anonymous as a name. And I can’t comment. And I cannot swear.

So, I remembered the moron who is supposed to sell smart babies products again. Yeah, how smart can one be? Simple rules on my site, you also cannot read liao. What more you want to preach? Go eat s…lah!


Why I so mad?
Because some mom asked – Is Y for egg or yolk? All because of those flash cards! Those cards that cost a cool RM1K.

Lately I just bought a reading chart for my daughter. I realised that Y = Yolk, showing a picture of an egg shell with an egg. Then I have another flash card, showing the same picture but E=Egg. I guess Nicole will be confused if I teach her both. Any advise? Should it be egg or yolk?

*burp, satisfied, no more*