Buttons & important Google adsense tip

You ever notice that some bloggers love to collect more badges than others? Some kiasu ones even got a whole right (sometimes left) panel filled up with umpteen banners, buttons, badges and whatnots.

Let me tell you, many of those buttons are not worth the time it takes to download.

I am stripping my site bare, one by one.

What I had taken off and leaving on:

PPS – Sorry but I think it is too much fuss to download, upload and link the button. So, I have PPS as my links. After all, I need the button to access PPS, that’s all. Looking at Aiz’s lament that PPS is getting overbandwith and need to cut cost, I suppose it doesn’t need more publicity?

– Can someone tell me who runs this? It is moronic. It is fickle. First it has the unique page views. And I was way on top. Don’t hate me It uses the average and if you just join and you have ok numbers of unique page views, you will stay on top for a few weeks. Then, it suddenly changed to hits in. Whotf will click on hits in? And the figures are baffling. Not that I envy but the numbers do not make senses. So, I ripped of Blogcharts

Peter/Mack yellow button? – The colour clashed with my reddish pink karer so I took it off. I hate yellow colour. I am a perfectionist mah. Anyway, my voice is insignificance and missing one of me, is not noticeable anyway.

BBA – You know what this stands? Bull-shite Blog Awards. Muahahahar. It is the silliest thing on earth. Really! Someone I know had penetrated the voting and make 300 votes at one click. Go figure. But it is damn nice though. ‘Cos sometimes, some b*thces or male b*tches would voted my blog as the poorest and I am way at 1.42 points. However, there are kind souls who spend a few seconds to make my numbers go up again. And when I am free, I will go and pull all my frens to perfect 9.99 Silly button that I never bother to link. Anyway, do you all notice that Malaysia leads with the most bloggers from Asia? Malaysia Boleh (cakap banyak, i.e.).

Stats – Another hopeless thing. I had ripped off Nedstat and will do the same for Sitemeter too. Only OneStat stays.

Flickr – I put one because my photos are all too nice to go unnoticed.

Page Rank – I installed this a few days ago but don’t have the faintest idea what it represents. Is a bigger number better or small number better? It will be taken off too.

Creative Common License – is another useless button but I let it stays to make my site like very professional likedat.

Technorati, Bloglines – Also same purpose as above.

Rice Bowl Journal – Also waste of time (in registration) and kena dumped.

So, there you are. My almost button/badge free site. I am not joining anymore blog rings because I analysed (chewah) that traffic from them are low. Moreover, I don’t think I like angmohs (except for one or two gals I know) to read my blog because I would have to translate every f*cking lah and mah and hor and wor that I so love to type.

Another valuable tip. Get those useless buttons that you do not need off your site. It will give your visitors less distractions and they will more likely zoom in at the wonderful Google adsense. Take my word. I am gonna hit USD100 soon! In less than 2 months! Fwhhheet!!! LiewCF’s tips help a lot, of course.

So, in conclusion – The more buttons you have, the more kiasu you are. Are you ready to rip those unnecessary buttons away?

12 thoughts on “Buttons & important Google adsense tip

  1. iknow what u mean. when i first had nedstat, i kept looking at it but couldnt understand anything. then i became paranoid. now i have transfered all my links to another blog called sentraal station – yours is listed there too. so, if you see loads coming from sentraal station – that’s a blog that i create for anyone to use. now i also have one of those copyrights thingy..does it work?

  2. Wah I got lots of buttons leh. I like…they look good on the site… Mebbe I’m a collector… But I like your site cos its clean.

  3. Vandice – Yeah, I quite like those tiny rectangle ones with two tones colour.

    Kak Teh – I had been back to your blog everyday and see the same old sailors. Oh you mean there is another blog? I must visit soon.

    Toxic – And to think that I was aiming to be #1! I thought 1/10. Hahaha. Anyway, I did it just for fun ‘cos the button is so tiny. Jeff Ooi is 4/10 too, the last time I check. Perasan betul.

  4. Mine is bare and empty because I am new at blogging but honestly, I just can’t find enough time in my 24 hour day to work on it. I am amazed at how you are able to maintain so many blogs/sites on a daily basis being a full time mom to 4 kids. I have a full time job, a dog, a hubby who works full time(so not much work for me), and an intense addictive hobby. I am normally exhausted by the end of a working day. Whatever you are eating or drinking, I need some of it…….:):):)

  5. Joe – Yes, yes, I like your style too ‘cos your comment is so truthful ;p

    geauxpottery – ‘Cos I don’t have a 9-5 job and that’s how I have plenty of time.

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