Sex education for toddler

Mom : What is this? *show a piece of bra*

Baby : Nen Nen snah (Hokkien for breast clothes?)

Mom : This is a brassiere. A bra!! Say BRA.


Mom : *roll tongue to emphasise the r sound* BRRRRRRRA

Baby : BRA

Mom : Clever boy…..


Mom : What is bra for?

Baby : *pointing to ‘objects’ on mommy* Nen Nen

Mom : Clever….Bra is for nen nen.

Baby : *clap hands to indicate he is smart*

Mom : What is nen nen for?

Baby : *looks blank*

Mom : Nen Nen is for milk. Nen Nen gives milk. But mommy no more milk liao because baby eats rice now. Remember? Nen Nen gives milk for babies.

Next time…we learn the differences between panties and underwears. Wei, parent teaching children about parts of the bodies and also names of undergarments is so right, ok?

Yesterday night, my neighbour and his wife were standing near the bras display at Sunshine Hypermarket. The wife is talking to a friend. I was carrying toddler and passed by after giving a smile to the neighbour. And whaddaya know? Toddler did not say hello at uncle (like what I whispered into his ears) but instead, put out his hands and swipe the rows of colourful bras hanging there and scream loudly, “Mama nen nen snah!!!!”

16 thoughts on “Sex education for toddler

  1. OOoooohhh… so that’s how u teach them. When I was a little kid, I ask my mom wat’s nen nen. She said “Shhhhsssssssssssssss!! Diam diam!!”

  2. Wah lau ehh! 5xMoM, you can start a kiddie sex class liao. Start printing the brochures…I am sure a lot of shy parents will be sending their kids your way.

  3. Hmm, wonder what’s going to happen when 5xmom reaches the chapter on the Human Anatomy, or the female body, to be exact. Maybe it will be “Nen Nen aaah” šŸ™‚

  4. So …. they say we have to use the correct term when referring to the male and female anatomy … The terms pet pet, bird, flower are not recognized by the law ..therefore .. if a kid says ..”That uncle touched my flower” .. the molester may go scott free!!!! So, pray tell, what is the correct malay term for me to use … without being crude ……. Pening ..pening ….

  5. auntie lilian, pls forgive me for asking u to exclude the “snah” part, i only want the first 2 word.


  6. millie – Kids nowadays talk very fast mah, must teach lor

    SK – :O)

    Crazy – Part of parenting, next time you will also be like this.

    Narrow – What goes on the blog is the mild case only.

    Mrs T – You will get your share of headaches too.

    Pompit – Yalah, I thought my sons about strangers raba-raba them but never thought of teaching them the politically correct term. At least not when they are 3 yrs old. But older, got la. It is kote what. Universal language, no? But kalau pompuan, p*k*? LOL! And do you notice? Boys parts sound more sopan than girls one? Wonder why?

  7. RB – OK, OK, I will do a show and tell.

    S-Kay – He caused me endless embarassment, I am used to it. LOL! Sometimes, he will even stop and squeeze the sponge.

  8. Joe – That’s why la, kecik-kecik make you curious, now you so likedat.

    miracle8 – Learning objects around the house only.

    spectrakia – Better let them learn now than finding out from porn sites.

    fishtail – Got leh. I buy Dk Series book on ‘My Body’ and passed it to them to read.

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