So that’s what they do in Parliament

My toddler normally watch Channel 35 NHK from 12noon to 1pm. Today they did not run his regular kiddies show but some parliament proceedings in Japan. He refused to let me change channel and insist leaving the live proceedings on TV.

So, this is what they do:
1) One person talking

2) The rest of the people also talking

3) The Japan PM dozing off to sleep

4) The rest of the people also dozing off, nodding, open eyes, dozed off, nodded, open eye…. (haven’t they heard of coffee?)

5) If you are a female member and looks hot, you have the male member sitting next to you, whispering some things into your ear. Ok, ok, maybe they are discussing how to save the world.

6) Almost all of the members inside are past 60 years old, graying, short/long sighted, over-weight and after sitting for several minutes, I can’t find any good looking one.

In conclusion – I don’t think I want to be a politician there. It is pretty boring. There are no fights like those Taiwan ones. Or swearing like our Malaysian ones.

9 thoughts on “So that’s what they do in Parliament

  1. 7. plus all that bowing all the time.. LOL (surely they do that a lot as well..)

    Is there really such a thing as a ‘hot’ Japanese female MP? haha


  2. kasba – Not really, they look very healthy to me, all pinkish cheeks and all that. Not in another 20 years I would say.

    Solbi – In a sea of gray 60yrs + old men, a female member in pink jacket is hot. Never mind that she looks 40ish.

  3. I remember one of my educational trip a decade ago was going to the Parliament. I saw Samy Vellu dozed off to sleep and I can’t rubbed off that image ever since.

  4. hcfoo – A majority of us did not see that image and yet..we also can’t shake him off our mind. LOL!

    mrkiasi – Wah…you must specify eat what or else this entry can be used against you next time, if you become a politician. Tea break with kopi and karipap, right?

  5. huh!! wait till he see the Live Malaysian Parliament. Childish!! Full of stupidity!
    Hey Lilian, dont tell d police where I live ok?

  6. The ones in Korean and Taiwan are really funny to watch.. with all the boxing match ..right in the midst of parliament..!

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