I am a Desperate Housewife!

I mean “I am a Desperate Housewives” fan right after the first 10 minutes of the series.

Please tell me you have watched the first episode of Desperate Housewives on Channel 8 (18 on Astro) at 10.30pm every Tuesday, starting yesterday. What? No?

I had surfed the official site and found a quiz for you to take. Go on, check it out.

I took the quiz three times. I tried and tried and tried. So, I guess the answer is correct after all!

They don’t have that copy and paste code, too bad.

This is what I get:
5xmom is Gabrielle
Photo sourced from the official website.

The result is:
yadda yadda yadda (too lazy to type the mundane,ok?)
..you are looking for something more.
You will find it someday,
as long as you can
stay out of trouble.
And from hot young gardeners. (pheww..lucky! I live in a cheap flat with no grass and certainly no gardeners)

Fuwah! I am on cloud nine. I thought I will end up as that mom (Lynette) with 4 kids. Thank God, no! She is too harassed!

I was afraid of ending up as that weird, Miss Perfect (Bree) who tried to murder her husband by feeding him onion. But I am not!

And I know I am definitely NOT Edie material because I just don’t have the errrmmm…statistics?

Neither can I be the nervous and clumsy Susan who went out braless and burnt Edie’s home instead of hooking the guy.

Catch the show next time. And to those who are from overseas and had watched all of them, don’t be a spoiler, ok? Now….let me see where I can get the series, minus Channel 8 millions of ads. I missed the first 20 minutes of the show. But thanks to blog, I remember to switch on my TV after reading RB’s blog.

18 thoughts on “I am a Desperate Housewife!

  1. it’s among the best shows a girl/woman could ever enjoy. managed to catch some episodes while i was in states, and trust me, if u dun get hooked….you r not woman enuf.

  2. lurved the show! am not a housewife, am an ‘officewife’. but am desperately in love with the show. can’t wait for next week.

  3. Oi Wingz ah, it will be good you watch it too. Got many sexy women mah.

    mudslinger – A woman is the same – whether house or officewife. We have equally the same important roles, don’t you think?

    vaveevum – Wah, you promotion very good. Must ask 8TV to hire you.

    Witch – There is always the internet. I found the pilot episode and will be watching them, uncensored, no ad. Yeah to P2P.

  4. yup~ it’s a very good show indeed. one of the best this year. i’ve watched most of it through p2p downloads throughout the whole season šŸ˜› hooked since the first episodes!

  5. Mr Kiasi – If your papa let your watch Sex And The City, then can lor. If he said knot, then knot lor. Don’t tell your parents, Auntie Lilian recommend hor? Nanti they report my blog to the media. Lesen kena gantung wei.

  6. Simon – Hmm…maybe you should start writing the rangka-rangka cerita and sell to TV1? Remember to include my role wor? Suri rumah terdesak jadi gila di laman web.

    xuan – Nvm, you can get it from the web, if you know how. I had finished watching the first 20 minutes. Now only it makes sense to me.

  7. The show is just great. Loves the well portrait character…Blee, Susan, Gabby and Lynette and the tarty Edie. The storyline is so American and at the same time similar to most housewives’s daily issues like relationship,kids,gossips,cat fight and nosy neighbour like Mrs Huber(she deserve her penalty at the end-not going to spoil the fun by reveiling it). I watched the first season and now watching the entire season rerun on my laptop for the second time from all the 23 episode I burnt into CD-R from Kazaa. Lilian, we should perhaps shart a local ala Penang desperate housewives fan site with opinions and view on who is the really desperate one. By the way, I would love to share my entire first season DVD with anyone who is addicted and can’t wait to know what’s next,and who’s Dina or what make Zach think he is haunted with the past…don’t get mad at me ok kak Lilian!

  8. Nini – Wow, you really got that many episodes? I am only into the 2nd episode and must say that it is much more clearer to see the uncensored parts included. Otherwise it lost some of its storyline.

    Mrs T – yeah to another fan

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