Kenny, gloating and Google Adsense.

Kenny wrote this:

All these are happening (in Singapore) while Malaysian bloggers are still gloating over how they got their first cheques from Google Adsense.

Whoaaa…gloating is a bad choice of word.

gloating means “Malicious satisfaction” so says WordWeb.

I got Google and therefore, I feel very bad lor. I gloat the most. I gloated in Malaysian Bloggers Forum, I gloated at LiewCF’s blog, I gloated at my own blog.

In fact, I had written so many times, I lost count of the number of times I gloated.

But gloat I will. Because I have reached USD100! In less than 2 months since I installed Google Adsense.

Why do I write about all these? Why does LiewCF take great trouble to explain how it works? Because it is to encourage more people to consider installing Google Adsense. Google provides the most relevant ads (but sometimes, giving the exact opposite effect). Without it, I wouldn’t even know some of the great websites exists. And it provides me the motivation to write something each day. Something relevant and a wee bit useful to others.

So, all bloggers with Google Adsense on your blog, do you gloat too? Let’s gloat?

20 thoughts on “Kenny, gloating and Google Adsense.

  1. As I posted on Paul Tan’s entry:

    “Oh come on, don’t misunderstand my intentions.

    What I meant was that publications and commercial entities in Singapore are game enough to approach bloggers to work for them for their benefit.

    You don’t see that in Malaysia do you?

    I never said Malaysian bloggers are not as good as Singaporean bloggers. You took it the wrong way.”

    While some of us are celebrating the fact that we received USD100 from Google, Singaporean bloggers are getting paid much more than that by local Singaporean prints and businesses.

    I was using that as a measure of maturity in the way the blogosphere in the two respective countries are treated.

    In other words, I’m saying to commercial entities in Malaysia – wake up! learn to make use of bloggers to your benefit. Its a win-win situation.

  2. Tiu lei, who you say lansi. Ngo?

    RB – Wei,i remember you were lazy to blog at one time mah. Do it 10 times a day mah fast.

    thquah – Yalor, who cares, got money, no need to work for mah.

    Kenny – But the commercial entitites are not the one reading but us, Google Adsense people reading. Anyway, I will wait for your full update.

    JxT : Double gloat

  3. wuah sial … i dint realise herer also got gunpowder smell very kuat sial~ ….. i thot only paulie’s blog got gun powder smell kakaka …. today gunpowder’s day ar ? LMAO!

    cool down cool down read my blog … my blog got lengjai!!!

  4. Joe – mekkkk LOL
    Mrs T – You can’t now but hope one day you will.

    Kiasi – Wei, tambah api

    Wingz – Very clever to fan hor but sorry wor, no fire here.

  5. Dammit kenny…i read ur blogs everyday and now u become so lansi already…we gloat because we wanna share our joy and proud of what we do! You and your fame eat u up already…later i’ll post a blog dedicated for you for that statement. hmmph! =p

  6. yea, i kinda think that the statement was uncalled for or not put in the politically correct manner. Granted the people down south may be more advanced in many ways than us but so what. They have no choice and is a matter of survival – lack of natural resources and also garmen force but does KS have to sound like he’s putting us down again?

  7. Mrs B – Glad to hear some wise sayings admist these fingers pointing. I guess you got my point.

    kahsoon – I am staying tuned.

  8. Hi Lilian,

    Sorryla…jumped on the Adsense bandwagon a bit late but was wondering, how do you get the $$? Do they pay it to you in a cheque? Thanks!

  9. Pinkelle – Glad you caught the bug. Google will only make a cheque when your amount reach USD100 (which can take forever!). Can I suggest you log on and sign up with Malaysian Bloggers Forum (URL under ‘Links’). LiewcF (handsome and still available) hahaha and the guys there can help/guide you on what to do. In fact, we have several topics discussing about Adsense. You can go to LiewcF blog and search Google Adsense too. Good luck to you!

  10. good lord kenny…i know you have installed AdSense…but pls la, don’t go and say we Malaysian blogger like loser lidat, please don’t think $100 is little and we would need to gloat about it, as you can see in Digital Point forum…earning $100 per day is consider normal for them. Even some of the member earn as high as $1000 per day. We Malaysian also can reach that level and Singaporeans can too, so don’t look down on the power of AdSense. Sometimes compare kills you know? I’ve wanted to blog about this but feeling kinda lazy, so see how lah 😉 lilian aunty…congrats on your $100!! u rox girl!! I’ve told alot people about u…even my gf cos im so proud of u haha =D

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