Thank you, Penny!

-PeNNyPupZ.rAviShiNg.neT says: i made u a fansign

lilian says: huh?

-PeNNy : fansign

-PeNNy : u know? *pointing to sign on her MSN avatar*

lilian says: no leh, apa itu?


*Followed by gossips and chats which are censored. Not suitable for parents.*

lilian says: tks for that!

lilian says: i post it up later?

-PeNNy : haha sure

lilian says: how’s study?

-PeNNy : okok ler

lilian says: i busy watching desperate housewives.

i want to finish the whole season at one go LOL

-PeNNy : hahahaha, alot oh

So, that’s how I pass time. Chatting with bloggers young enough to be my daughter! Thank you, Penny. *muakss* Other signs can be found here.


That’s my toddler. Not me, ok? Don’t try to kiss the your computer monitor. LOL!

4 thoughts on “Thank you, Penny!

  1. fwahh…sexy liPs..
    u download the whole season of Desperate hoUSewife? or channel 70? hahaha..
    aussie also gila about them…

  2. Peggy!!! – I am so happy to see you back blogging. Had been checking and thought you had stopped blogging.

    Mrs T – hehehehe, good fans or bad fans?

    Mr Kiasi – Go ask Penny jie-jie lor

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