I know many good blogs and I really wish they would PING to PPS because those wisdoms that these bloggers put on their blogs ought to be heard by others. There are also a few bloggers whom had gone through or still going through some rough patches in life and their blogs are inspirations to many, I am sure.

But they don’t PING PPS. I wish they would.

Few simple steps:
1. Go to http://petalingstreet.org/
2. On the right hand top corner, just sign up as a PPS member
3. Then you will be given a step-by-step guide on how to PING. There is even an experimental area for you to learn to PING.
4. PING sounds techie but it is just filling up a form and your blog entry will appear on this directory where everyone can read.
5. Tunggu apa lagi, PING lah.

However, what I wanted to write is not about PINGing PPS. But please don’t PING PPS like getting cirit-birit or diarrhoea.

I had openly admit I am traffic whoring and even wrote about it. But to do that, one has to do it with some style and originality. One also ought to add some personal thoughts, a few remarks before it makes a blog, isn’t it?

Not just:
1) Copy and paste information and PING
2) Copy and paste information and PING
3) Copy and paste information and PING
1001 ) Copy and paste information and PING

Because in the end, all the other bloggers who use PPS see nothing but the same orange lobster and meteorites. (I saw orange lobster, Serge saw both.)

Don’t mistaken. Lay people like me really appreciate technology updates made simple by nice guys like Liew CF and the others. But lately, I found that there are soooooo many duplications.

Believe me, if you want traffic, PING PPS. But don’t do it all at the same time. Give it several hours break in between each PING. Don’t PING 5 postings at the same time. NO ONE is going to bother to click on your link even if you posted a topic ‘KAH SOON GOING TO STOP BLOGGING’. (kehkehkeh, Kah Soon, you won’t kill me hor?) or ‘RAJ AND MENJ ARE BEST PALS’ (that will be the day).

So, to all those who PING PPS like continuously, 10 times a day, do us all a favour? Break it, cut it down? I bet your traffic will increase when we know that a news is indeed a news and not a re-run.

Errm…I am also guilty of jamming PPS with my pings. I got two blogs and sometime I do get carried away with the number of postings per day. I had said this and I will say again – I do not mind contributing a few bucks towards PPS webhosting. Because PPS is like miracle8 said : e-muhibbah community. A community worth developing. Let’s not ask what PPS can do for us (increase our traffic) but what we can do for PPS (increase PPS’s bandwith).

18 thoughts on “Why PING PPS?

  1. wuahahahha ….. anoder shadow kick huh ? … yalar those who copy, paste n ping mia fler … pls lar .. we know its free but takan shamelessly ping pulak kot ? sigh … some young cock really dont learn do they ? šŸ˜›

  2. The other day I emailed Aiz to ask whether I can ping twice for the same post, thats if after the previous ping is out of sight in PPS main page. As our pings will only stay in the main page like 4-6 hours? If peak hours, 3 hours only according to Ah Wingz suk suk woh~!

    However, Aiz said PPS got filter that filters out spamming. Hmmm~!

  3. LcF – PING! Why don’t ping for personal blog? We want to know mah.

    Papi – I also do not ping some when I deemed it sensitive, like when I write to much about religion.

    kasba – And when is ‘when necessary’?

    Tinkerbell – I will email you the URLs?

    Jason – It is too congested now. Kah Soon just PING 9 posts! Hahahaha.

    Wingz – Dun say like that ler. I only say ‘cos I bueh tahan mah.

    S-Kay – At least you finish 100 things and I am stucked at 20.

  4. Wingz – Never, the more the merrier hor? You go and PING 12 at the same time lor. You also copy and paste job sometimes mah.

    Tinkerbell – Mail going out soon.

  5. haha aunty…i wont kill u lar, guess this post is dedicated to me hor =p anyway i ping 10 in a row cos i collected the blog as save draft for the whole morning then i ping in 1 shot ma, just like eating for 10 days and never shit…1 shot shit finish haha…feel so shiok.

    Anyway sorry for making PPS hang just because of my ping. Actually it is not easy for me to so call “copy paste” information….cos i need to search high and low…read every single thing and every post i comment my own opinion. Trust me…it is not easy to find interesting stuff and satisfy my reader. Well anyway im seeing some bloggers trying to re-re-duplicate my content lol

  6. I have a dream!! Nope! Im not gona copy paste Martin LK speech. I have a dream that one day, when everyone post their blog, it will be auto ping to PPS. Or is it already happening ah?

  7. Joe – Aiyoh…u technology retard. Right now, when I blog, it automatically PING. But I choose to PING or not la. 80% I auto-ping.

    Kah Soon – Welcome, welcome. I know it is not easy for you to get all those news. And I kesian you got so many shadows now. Business rugi or not? And then hor, today you PING more than 10 times. Cause all our blogs got kick out. So sad, you never give chance to us to stay a few more hits longer. Next time, kasi chance for small fries like us to stay at PPS blogroll longer mah. One day PING 3 times enuff. ;P

  8. Liiiuuu! So lansee!! I hate it when u so lansee & I like it. OK, mind sharing some tips here ka how to auto ping whenever I publish a post ?

  9. Tell u what aunty…i will save draft my posts until 100 post. then 1 shot kau kau post all. See fun onot haha…then that time i own PPS muahahah. I can tell u that i will be femes until everyone want to link to me hahah….its not impossible to do you know keke…

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