Electricity and TNB

Since we moved into my current apartment 2 years ago, our electricity charges have been increasing from RM200 to RM300 and these few months touching RM400 per month.

After bugging Tenaga Nasional Berhad (electricity utility company) several times, they finally sent two technicians to come and change a meter for us. Have you all seen the new meter? It is digital and made in Slovenia or something country like that. I guess this one is fool-proof? *winks*

When the technician opened the main board, our electricity meter pointer is like running a 100m dash whilst the other 7 apartment units are taking an evening stroll. *sigh* In my apartment, the meters are placed in a group against a public area wall and under lock and key.

After much twiddling and testing, we found that our clothes dryer is the main culprit. We were asked to switched on all the water heaters, air-conds, two fridges and every other appliances. Can you believe that my house uses about 60 sen of electricity within 2-3 minutes at peak time? Gosh, that’s like a casino guzzling money man! *kachingkachingkaching*

What I learnt while standing there observing the two kind gentlemen from TNB are:
1) Electricity is measured in amp, not wattage
2) The TNB technicians are very knowledgeable and patient (or else they would give my atm a punch! Hahahaha)
3) The meter is always right
4) I cannot afford to hide in my aircon room 24/7
5) I cannot afford to change so many sets of clothings per day
6) I cannot afford to ask my housekeeper to change the bedsheets (totalling 5 twins beds and 1 queen size) every week
7) I must sit down and read blog more often instead of baking. Computer consume less electricity than oven, right?

Any more tips to save electricity?

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  1. Turn off computer and read a book. Turn off TV and read to kids. Put kids to bed and have wild sex with 5xDad šŸ˜‰ 5xDad will then go to the nearest Angel Cake House for darling wife who no longer has to bake.

  2. my main culprit is the drum type water heater! clothes dryer used sparingly… no air con, one fridge, hardly bake… mostly 2 ppl at home and at least one or 2 weeks in a month no occupancy in there… oso costed us more then RM100!!! go figure

  3. Hi Kucing – Have wild sex need tonnes of electricity ‘cos need very cold aircond. Turn off TV read to kids may see me end up in institution, lagi dahsyat. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Babe – Yeah, I got that one in my other house too when we had a bathtub. Lucky here no place for bathtubs or else another chunk in electricity.

  5. Keep us updated after the change, especially if there is an decrease in the electricity cost $$$

  6. Throw out the clothes dryer, get some bamboo poles, open the window and hang them out there. Now your unit looks like the front of lien-hup-kok. And you save electricity.

  7. Make sure the boys don’t bukak katop bukak katop the fridge. Because everytime you open the fridge it takes more energy to sejukkan balik.

  8. Lilian
    Why not switch on the fan in the morning and late afternoon. Limit yr air con time to mid day and night only. Save a lot wan. Limit yr kids Play station time and ask them to play in the park (Botanical Garden nearby?). At nite ask them to go to bed early and switch off all lights and put timer to air con, say mybe 6 a.m. Whenever you are goint out from a room, make sure you switch off all eletrical appliances and lights even though you are going out for a while coz sometimes that a while can lasts more than half an hour.

  9. i’m surprise TNB guys did not ask if you want to have your meter ‘fix’ so that it’ll run slower !

  10. there is this electricity stabilizer i’m using. it reduced my bill by 30%. i think it is legal. that is what they said lar. maybe u can give it a try.

  11. – Turn ON the fan when you use air-con
    – TINT your apartment windows/glass door.
    – send the bedsheet to laundry, it may be cheaper
    – Less TV : TV consume lots of electricity.
    – Check your fridge – you don’t need to turn the fridge to full blast.
    – If you have a lots of flouracent

    google “save electricity”

  12. Any heating devices consume lots of electricity (iron, water heater, oven, hair dryer etc.)

    Your fridge will only sucks more electricity if it is an old’ish model, aircon don’t usually consume too much electricity compared with fan (yes, this is based on some feedback from a friend who has conducted an experiment turning on just the fan against the aircon for a month in trial)

    For our case, the ironing and water heater are main killer hence we have installed solarmate for the water heater and ask the maid to stop ironing the underwear, towel, bedsheets, curtain etc. other than those clothing meant for other people to see. Who cares if you are wearing a crumpled g-string or thongs.

  13. kasba – Eh eh, TNB has to pay for the thing you know? Last time I worked in cable manufacturing so I know the cables and infrastructures cost millions and millions of riggit. Wheregot free stuff in the world?

    Spectrakia – Please la, the uncle technicians very kind and nice. I know what you are talking about. I know how to do it too (to the older ones)!

    Hahaha. But then, there is a principle in living. I don’t want to save a few bucks and kena zapped by lightning from the One up there.

    As for irong thongs, hahaha.

    moo_t – Will google but I doubt I bother much about saving. Too tedious.

    miche – Really? So much? My hubby did ask the technicians and he said he doubt it works. Another thing is the electricity current will be slowed down or something. E.g. it takes longer to cook a pot of rice. So it comes back to the same thing. Must try now.

    kiasi – Enough of monkeys liao.

    Chief – Notty! I can be caught you know. Anyway, with the new digital ones, I don’t think there is place for manipulation.

    moneyminded – I told my hubby, kalau nak sidai baju, he has to buy me much more expensive UV protection and whitening. So, it is cheaper to use the dryer. Hahaha.

    Along – you know what? My toddler now will ask me every few minutes to take him to the freezer, open up and his punggung get cold, he will laugh and laugh. So, I can’t resist. Dun care about the money, the laughs more precious.

    Liew – If I dry clothes like that, it will dry under the moonlight and rain ‘cos I memang lazy to dry clothes. Imagine clothes for 6 people you know. No joke. Waste me dunno how many hours per week just drying clothes. But over here in Penang, many people are still using bamboo poles leh.

    kew – I will let you know if it is the meter faulty or whether any difference when I buy a new dryer. Current one is 9amp or something. We are looking for a newer model.

  14. don’t keep your fridge or freezer empty. it takes more energy to keep temp stable in an empty fridge.

    PC burns lots of energy. power save when not using. better yet, turn it off when not using.

    clean your fan regularly. clean blade make hell of a difference.

    service your aircon frequently. you’ll see what i mean.

  15. create more new blog sites & put more google adsence, or other nonsense ads. Get all ur site visitors to click on those ads. *kaching kaching* starts flowing in. Then can pay off ur bills lor.

    I will surely click those ads for u, coz I really like ur sites la šŸ˜‰

  16. Oi, Joe – You not scared ppl said you chart hai chai ah? You ask Wingz and see?

    Simon – Here is a run down:
    1) Aircon – my atm wash the filter monthly and serving from the company also regularly
    2) Fan – my housekeeper is one heck of a lady, she actually wash every blade every week, fuwah give to me, the dust turned to cob web turn to black net flying everywhere also never wash
    3) Ironing – I have a whole wardrobe of clothes that I never wear ‘cos I am too lazy to iron. I only wear two t-shirts – one black and one white. My uniform. :OP
    4) Freezer : Filled to the max for both fridges (that’s how much my kids eat)
    5) PC – It is on auto power safe mode
    See? I jimat elektrik to the max.
    6)And ya, my kids never wear shirts at home. Lagi save. LOL
    7) For afternoon naps, we have communion nap. Everybody sleep in one aircon room.

  17. Don’t save electricity. GENERATE ELECTRICITY!

    Buy your kids a wheel they can run in like a hamster then use the electricity generated to power up your air con and tv.

    best thing? you enjoy and let your kids run.

    When they tired, ATM turn to run.

    When ATM tired? u already sleep lo.

  18. For your air con.. its cheaper to keep it running the whole day rather than blasting it at 12 in the afternoon. Or thats what they say in the tv here.. šŸ™‚

  19. JxT: ha ha ha! Yeah, and no fat kids too.

    Lilian, have you considered LG or Panasonic’s new washer-cum-dryer all in one? It doesn’t use so much heat. They’re vent-less, and instead use a condenser pump to remove moisture.

    – all-in-one, so you load it, and forget it. No need to wait for wash cycle to finish, then transfer to dryer
    – auto sensing, so will stop when dry
    – saves half the space!
    – has the Silver Nano thing to get rid of bacteria and mould
    – quiet during wash cycle

    – They’re abt RM5K (with extended warranty) from Harvey Norman
    – occasional loud noises when the pump runs (once every 10 min or so, I think)
    – makes you even more lazy. He he.

  20. it works. current still the same. my boss electricity bill is more or less like yours. she also tried. bill amount reduced!

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