PPS is like a BIG Photocopy Machine now !

Wingz of Rojak blogged that Petaling Street Project is like a giant photocopy machine.

So here goes a copy:

London got bombed. 5xmom MSN yingci.

5xmom : U in UK? London, no?
Yingci: Yeah, but I am back (Malaysia)few days ago

5xmom : Phew…..
Yingci: I am contacting my housemates

5xmom : Lucky you are back or else all the parents will be very worried about their children overseas

Yingci : 2 out of 6 stations are near my house

*catching up with talks*

5xmom : You mind if I blog this conver?

So, here you go, Wingz. A copy.

But the question is – When is too many PING too much? In my personal opinion, it if is something that happens to us personally then it is hot news. Like Peter Tan’s legendary one sentence about the tremors felt in Penang in March. It is also comforting for our Malaysians to read live updates from those residing in UK. And DivaBat made a posting calling for Londoners to update. A very commendable thought, I would say.

Well, I hope Yuen Li, Angelic Grace, Eileen of EPO are all not affected. I shall look out for their updates. Then, my mind is rather messed up whether Kak Teh, Anasalwa are in UK or USA. Anyway, they are all in my thoughts as with all the victims.

6 thoughts on “PPS is like a BIG Photocopy Machine now !

  1. Who knows we all post many many, ping many many hor, we all can become an International-recognized bloggers leh? Like Jeff Ooi :p

  2. RB – How you get to contact him/her soon.

    Mr Kiasi – I read through some blogs, many of them have relatives there. So I guess they are very worried.

    Joe – Amen.

    Wingz – Ohm…

  3. Dizzy gf got an uncle working in London. He’s fine & lucky coz the explosion happened after 5 mins he walkout frm the sub.

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