Regarding Ayah Pin’s wife….

but this is not related to Ayah Pin la. I believed everyone has seen the contrasting figures of the two wives of this man they call god, Ayah Pin. The first and the fourth wife?

I will be of the same age as the first wife in 18 years. And it makes me wonder….

She said she asked Ayah Pin to marry a few more wives so that they can take care of him. Though I have not much knowledge of Islam (which I do wonder if that is his religion), I believed a Muslim man can marry four wives but he does not HAVE to marry four wives unless he wants to.

OK, that’s not my point also. What I really, really want to say is :
Why in heaven and hell must a woman find another woman (and in this case, 3 women) to take care of her able-bodied husband?

Tell me, women, wives, girls, do you think you can ever have the big heart to let another woman to take care of your husband?

What is there to take care?
1) Food – can cook instant mee and feed him
2) Housekeeping – what is so difficult about sweeping floor
3) Bed – The hole is always there (and there is Kegel)
4) Massage – Just sign up bayar-bulan, tanpa bunga Osim chair
5) Communication – Even if you have gone deaf, mute and blind, you can still communicate by touch senses

What else does a fully grown, healthy man with two arms and two legs need taking care off? (as I said, I am NOT talking about Ayah Pin)

I reiterate – this is not questioning any person or religion. This is just PURELY my own musings.

Back in 2003 when I was going through my RCIA (Rites in Christianity Initiation Adult/1 year course before I baptised as a Catholic), our facilitators threw us this question.

1) What do you think is more acceptable to you?
a) Your husband’s regular visits to the chicken den (sorry hor, this blog is children friendly so chicken is food mah); or
b) Your husband keeping a regular woman

There was a lot of discussion and debates. I stood up and said, “Jesus said that if a part of your body cause you to sin, chop it off. Jesus also said if a man looks at another woman who is not his wife with lust, he has committed sins and will be….(I’d rather not repeat here)”. I earned a standing ovation. LOL!

My whole point is – Right until this age, there are still plenty of women who have this delusion that they CANNOT TAKE CARE of their husband and willingly let him romp. They would rather cried to death, eat their hearts out and continue to believe this shite. Puhleez, if you married a man, he will grow old along with you.

It is not that time freezes and he drank the youth elixir or monkey god’s peach and you grow old alone. He has no right to dump his wife because she is old/fat/sick/dying/disabled/loose/sag/whatever. Geddit? I don’t think so. Because I personally know a few women who treat the up north, Haadyai as a golf course where they openly and knowingly let these men visit regularly. It is like a sport to them, wor. Then, again, Haadyai is no longer safe and we have Cambodian/Vietnam and China dolls anyway.

Sorry, this is a very jumbled posting. I was supposed to write about organs donation but got sidetracked by the photo on the frontpage of the newspaper. *wipe cold sweats* Will I ever need to find a woman to take care of my atm when I am 58 yrs old? Pttuiii!

ANOTHER NEWS (not related of course)
Please go and congrat KS Tang on his marriage to a very beautiful Hongkong leng lui. I bet you will be highly entertained with his red flying fox pose. Psstt…on the eve of his wedding somemore.

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  1. I didn’t know ‘massage’ is an obligation in a marriage…….but I am lucky that hubby gives it to me when I ask/complain about arches and pain……:):):)

  2. i have another question. Will u give your blessings to the hubby if u should *touch wood* …say go before him???

    I myself don’t know if i would or wouldnt but i guess its only up to him.

    But most definately i will not find another “hot young thing” to take care of the hubby when i grow old. Commonler if im old then he lagi old wat….rite not? ask him to find me another young hubby to take care of my shopping expenses can or not? LOL

  3. lilian, you refer to your husband as ‘atm’. these 4 women refer to their husband as PIN…

    PIN…! Get it? as in PIN number? Get it?! GET IT????


    Sorry aa? 3 days without coffee already….

  4. Some want to grow old together. Some people have big hearts that they want to give to a lot of other people. Some people have a generous heart that they don’t mind sharing love with other people. Which is better than the other.

    Would a person that loves only singularly, be forced to love everybody be happy. Would a person that wants to give love to other people, be happy by giving it to only one person. Would someone who loves to share be happy if they are not allowed to share.

    As long as the people involved are happy. For me thats what counts.

  5. Chief – No good meh? Every night you can ask them to la-la-li-la-tam-pong apek beh apong (I hope you know what I am talking about?) and see which room you go to.

    Simon – I can hear that hyena laugh all the way in Penang. Now you make me worry, indeed, the similarity is there hor? So from now on, I refer as Ayah Atm. LOL!!!!

    Fashionasia – No wor, permission not granted. I once wrote about this – I got many sisters and so does he. My kids got plenty of aunties so don’t need one more. HOWEVER, if for me, then I would need a constant cash machine so it is a different story. Touch wood.

    kasba – I bet you are going to grow white hair trying to get the first one to approve. Hahaha

    geauxpottery – Massage is not in the curriculum of marriage school. I added it in as my ‘master degree’.

  6. Is your question “Would you allow your husband to have another wife/more wives?” or “How difficult is it to take care of your husband?”

    Maybe some women don’t want to take care of their husband. In some marriages, the husband goes out to play, the wife bring friends home to play. In some marriages, both go out to play. In some marriages, the wife goes out to play, the husband drinks himself stupid. In some marriages, the husband goes out to play, the wife goes shopping.

  7. Lilian
    That is why these people are practising “ajaran sesat” coz they are lost in every single thing that they do. In Islam, You can marry more than one only if you really mampu (which is not restricted to monetary only but resposibilities, sexually? , and i guess emotionally) and if not you are encorage to stick to one.
    I agreed with your opinion that when you marry a guy, you don’t want to share him with anyone else. Wives should not close one eye if husband go and visit some Thai Chicken (note the non-XXX language) but should take a proactive role to keep husband at bay.

  8. As a man, uncolored by any dogma hopefully – no, I will *not* be attracted to a “old/fat/sick/dying/disabled/loose/sag/whatever” woman.

    Before you exclaim “ah! men!”, the same as a woman will probably not be physically attracted to a “old/fat/sick/dying/disabled/loose/sag/whatever” man.

    I might still *love* her and not leave her. But that is an intellectual response.

  9. Maybe the first wife doesn’t mean “take care of the old man” but more like “Have more children…1 hen can only lay certain number of eggs or sometime none…but 4 hens can definitely lay more eggs mah!”

    More children, after government sponsor their education, graduate and secure a high paying government’s or private sector’s job, can bring more ‘pocket money’ home…The old man and 4 wives can drive around in a flashy car around the Kampung and organize 3 holiday/honeymoon trips to Bali, Bangkok or Haatyai. That is what I call “Take care of his old age!”

  10. Aw3 – I never said ATTRACTED leh fren. But what you said still *love* and not leave gives hope.

    moneyminded – Wah, must provide fulfilment in so MANY areas? Larat ke?

    sumay – You confused me. Shopping, playing (as in sports) whatever is part of life. I don’t see anything wrong with that. But roaming looking for pros, then, you think it is right? One lady whom had been getting mouth sores that will not heal, cannot eat solid food for months because of the mouth sores put it down as ‘heaty’. Her relative asked me what can cause that mouth sores, I straightaway asked her, did the husband frequented pros? It could be herpes. Yet…this woman continue suffering, not able to eat, tahan the pain but refused to see doctor. And he continue going to Haadyai. So, as one woman to another, I really wish to smack all these women heads and ask them to wake up, speak up, claim your rights, your self-esteem. And another woman, she got pregnant and knew that she had been infected but through some twist, she insisted to give birth to the baby though the normal birth canal. The baby got infected, become blind. OK, out of topic. But the gist is – one wife.

  11. New word to day.

    And then you learn the new term šŸ˜‰
    polyandry – one woman having multiple husbands
    polygyny – one man having multiple wives


    Hmmmm, why must you “take care” your hubby when you turn 58? Why not otherwise?

  12. moo_t : Learn the word polyandry also no use la…’cos hardly any woman in this world get that chance. Not fair hor?

  13. i know of a lady who actually went in search for a second wife for her husband because they couldn’t have kids. he was more than happy to adopt, but she had views on him having his own kids. the man in question now has 3 kids with his younger wife, and the last i heard he was still happily married to his first wife.

    also another who also looked for a ‘new’ wife for her husband so that he’ll be taken care of once she succumbed to this terminal disease that she had (the lady has since passed away).

    i guess it depends on the persons involved and the situations they are in, kan?

  14. Zyrin – That comes with a lot of faith. And the love of God. These exceptional cases are very admirable, I agree.

  15. First of all, this Ayah PIn fella is not a Muslim. He cannot be, eventhough he says he is, because his teaching are very terpesong one. He says he is GOD!! Whatever, but still being a Muslim, I felt I had to say this first.

    Now regarding the multiple wifes issue, actually I’ve discussed this with my hubby. I asked him, he’s interestedkah or pernah terfikirkah want to take on another wife? His answer: Satu wife pun dah pening, lagi mau kawin ramai.

    OKlah, not the romantic answer I was looking for but because I know my hubby, there is not much chance he will look for another wife while I’m still alive and can bear him children. But still I told him, if he ada gatal2 want to kawin another, than he will have to cerai me because I don’t want to share him. I am working, money is not an issue…still considered young (at heartlah), so I’m sure I can survive without him, if the situation calls for it.

    However, if I die b4 him, that’s where I told him, “Eh, after I die ah, you cepat2 find another wife ok. Just make sure she is wonderful to the children, tak abuse punya…I’ll be happy. If not, I’ll haunt you in your dreams.”


  16. When I say play, it means fooling around, having affairs and finding chicken and ducks. In case u don’t know, which I’m sure u do, male prostitutes are called “ducks”.

  17. sexymama – Wah…never meet a duck before wor. Really ah? I am too innocent liao. duck farm or housecall duck ah? LOL!

    Along – You are hilarious! Tak nak kongsi-kongsi ya.

  18. Don’t know whether got duck farm or not? But housecall duck I’ve heard of šŸ™‚ Only heard of from the stories Sexydad tells me anyway.

  19. Ayah Pin is Not A Muslim. Let’s get that straight. His belief and conduct is not as such. Polygamy in Islam is a restricted allowance. Many Muslim man tend to remember the Quran verses that allow man to marry 1,2,3 or 4. Many Muslim man tend to forget (or buat-buat forget) that Prophet Muhammad practiced Monogamy with the Siti Khadijah (the first wife) until the wife past away. Many Muslim man tend to forget that the Prophet himself stopped his son-in-law Ali fm practicing polygamy when Fatimah (Ali’s wife and also Prophet’s daughter) objected to Ali’s intend to practice polygamy.

    I guess, many Muslim man nowadys are “choose and pick” type. This rule follow this rule skip. No good but unfortunately that’s the current practice now .

  20. Thiew~~~… You think four wives very canggih izzit? I got *cough* five *cough* RPCNs and still jeles of China emperors having had 3,000… :PbPbPb

  21. Yes sexymama, I agreed….you got everything right for those who felt unjustified with Islam policy of Polygamy.

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