Happy Birthday…Jacky

Added : OMG, I saw the wrong calendar! WTF! It is only 8th of July! Sorry! Anyway, I win, I win, in wishing.

OK, OK, I am too old for this. But what the heck.

Today is 10th July 2005.

It is Jacky’s birthday.

Jacky who?

Jacky the lengzhai.

Jacky who USED to fill up my life with mushy love songs.

Jacky who is born in 1961. Wei, older than me wor.

It is Jacky birthday today. Tadaaa…

Photo taken from hkfilmart.

A short bio-data taken from the same website:

Jacky Cheung Hok-yau

Jacky Cheung was born in 1961, and was brought up and educated in Hong Kong. After secondary graduation, he worked in Cathay Pacific Airlines Company. In 1984, he participated in the Hong Kong 18 Districts Singing Contest, won the first prize, and launched his career as a professional singer, releasing his first album “Smile Again, Maria” in 1985.

And I had that ‘Smile Again’ cassette a long, long time ago. Dang, it is 20 long years. No wonder I forgot the title and told Wingz the song is Try Again. LOL!

*hanging head in shame, hiding in a corner* I think I need to go up the mountains to meditate because I am running out of topics to blog. Gosh, I am writing like an 18 years old love-struck fan of Hongkong TVB actors.

Anyway, anyone can tell me if I can store an MP3 with 5MB somewhere and play it here? Just for one day? I promise never to blog about HK singers anymore after this. Unless someone dies.

Say Happy Birthday to Jacky. LOL!

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday…Jacky

  1. Hey.. Lilian,
    Jackie used to be my favourite too..! once a upon a long, long time.. !

  2. Nothing wrong blogging about HK stars… that’s what makes your blogs great to read, blogs consisting of local, international news, daily life, family life, grumblings, entertainment, penang happenings… apa pun ada!
    Cool! 🙂

  3. hey lilian,
    you should go to singapore for his musical snow wolf lake 🙂

    i love him!

  4. he’s a fave of mine too 😉 aiyo, lilian jie jie, it’s entirely ok to blog abt hk stars and sound like a starstruck fan wor…makes you normal bah, hehe.

  5. Don’t worry lah. Just blog anything you like. When you write about HK singer, you ‘re like ‘lite & easy’ radio station mah….
    Not like me. I feel I’m like rtm, always write about serious topics…

  6. aiyo.hahaha.

    i have his cassete in my radio.very old one di. usually listen to it when the stupid radios broadcast news or some info.

  7. Wah…been busy today. So many fans of Jacky hor?

    Babe – I am playing One thousand sad reasons on my PC, over and over again. Revenge on my kids.

    rb – The cassette must be as old as you!

    LC – Thanks for the encouragement! I like your ponderings because many people will never know unless someone write it down. We must meet up when Lrong is back in Kedah. I promise I won’t utter any Hokkien ‘words’. LOL!

    Jason – I only know a few songs. You upload to your side la.

    autumnmusic – Hahaha, you call me jie jie. I feel so young. The older singers are better than the current jay chou-lookalike.

    Vivian – Wish I can but my husband will faint if I tell him.

    Toxic – Yeah, I chaplang also can write. Mind too free so can roam.

    JxT – Can’t blame me ‘cos it doesn’t matter what date is today. Everyday is the same to me. I got no gaji to look forward to so I never notice the months passed.

    Mrs T – Wah…surprised you also like Jacky.

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