LiewcF said I am in the Adsense Club!!! Wheee!!!!

*jumping like a kid, rubbing hands in glee*

What does Hustler, Mack, Tien Soon, Kah Soon, LiewcF, Paul Tan and a few others and I, yes, me!!! have in common? We are in the Malaysian Adsense Club Bloggers.

Liew blogged this yesterday:

Congratulations to Lilian. She got her first USD100 from Google Adsense! Now, she is officially listed in the Malaysian Adsense Club. She took only two months to get the first USD100. That’s fast! 🙂

OK, serious business. I mentioned this as an encouragement to other bloggers, not to show off. There is money to be made while doing something you love. That is writing and sharing what you know with others.

Why USD100 get mentioned so often? It works like this:
1) You can only get your PIN number by snail-mail when your amount reaches USD50; (PIN to activate account)

2) Google will only issue the cheque and mail it out when the amount reaches USD100;

Therefore, if you hear USD100, don’t say it is pittance. It only implies that you do not know how Google Adsense works. A few of the bloggers mentioned above had been known to earn as much as USD40 per day. Some have as much as USD700 in their account. Considering that many of them are students, this money does come in very useful to them.

The best thing you can do is to sign up with Malaysian Bloggers forum and discuss with others on how to improve your ads format. Of course, first of all, sign up with Google Adsense.

Thank you, LiewcF and all those at Malaysian Bloggers for sharing your tips!

9 thoughts on “LiewcF said I am in the Adsense Club!!! Wheee!!!!

  1. Not bad.. not bad.. Lilian, USD100$ can buy my chloe some few bags of diapers..! To blog or not to blog..?? no lah.. i love my privacy too much.. !

  2. Kahsoon – Hahaha, GTA Vice City ah?

    Joe – Cannnn…how many also can.

    lzbone – My old blog at blogspot also earn money wor. So, have patience, you will. You need sometime for the search engines to get your URL then traffic will come in.

    Mrs T – USD100 is a lot of money for us here. It is RM400 – can buy more than one dozen packets of diapers. LOL!

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